Call the Cops on Your Kid and Now They’re In Jail

Call the Cops on Your Kid and Now They’re In Jail

Call the Cops on Your Kid and Now They’re In Jail

Many parents find themselves at their wit’s end dealing with their insubordinate children, especially teenagers. Every fight seems to escalate as the tension between parent and child grows. Finally one day, it just becomes too much. Whether the child threatens the parent or worse, physically assaults the parent, the parent may not know how to react.

At this point, seeing no other alternative, the parent turns to call the police, hoping that it will be just the disciplinary lesson their child needs. Unfortunately for desperate Florida parents, calling law enforcement on their child ends up costing more than a lesson once the child ends up being processed in the legal system.

The Price of Calling Central Florida Police on Your Child

In Orlando and Central Florida, it’s part of an officer’s duty to step in and diffuse domestic situations involving adults and children. Often, they have no choice but to arrest an unruly child and take him down to the Orange, Seminole, or Osceola County Juvenile Assessment or Detention Center.

If an officer chooses to arrest your child, he or she could go through the booking process and get placed in a juvenile detention center overnight until a judge can hear the case. Once your son or daughter’s case is heard, the judge might hold your child over for twenty-one days in that center, preventing you from taking your teen home. This is how easily one child’s tantrum turns into a messy legal mess and leaves you at the mercy of the juvenile justice system.

Your child’s entire future could be compromised because a difficult domestic situation got out of hand. A juvenile who has had run-ins with the law could face obstacles as he matures. If your child is college-bound or hopes to be as he approaches his senior year of high school, he could lose his scholarships and may receive denied admissions into the school of his or her choice. The effects of juvenile charges can worsen as your child enters adulthood, especially if he or she faces future criminal charges as an adult.

Ways to Minimize the Damage After Calling The Police

If you have already called the police and now your child has a court hearing to attend and DHFS wants to speak with you, consider these tips to help minimize the long-term negative impacts of this experience:

Acknowledge to Yourself that Your Relationship Isn’t Perfect

Kids do terribly stupid things at the wrong times with the wrong people. Sometimes we don’t even know who they are because of how different their characters are day to day. More importantly, we make mistakes when assessing our children’s feelings and intentions.

Police May Worsen the Situation and Your Relationship with your Child

Police have a job to do which involves enforcing the law. They can’t make special exceptions if you have a change of heart about your decision to call them. Law enforcement has a responsibility to act on situations they see which may cause danger to you or your child, even if it’s a simple misunderstanding.

Improve Cooperation and Respect Before and After the Police Arrive

When you argue with your child or make demands, you must focus on having a respectful tone; avoid calling them names or hurling accusations. You want to calm down the situation, especially if the police are already on their way.

Get Your Child an Attorney Because You’re Not One

Your child can stop talking or answering questions if they state they want a lawyer. The police must stop the interrogation after that request. Prevent your child from falling victim to volunteering or agreeing to details that didn’t happen because of police leading the conversation. Asking for you to be there with them will not make the authorities back off.

Don’t let your child’s adolescent behavior turn into a costly mistake. He or she may face much harsher consequences than you intended as a parent. As the guardian of your child, you may know more about what your kid needs than the Department of Juvenile Justice. It’s in you and your child’s best interests to keep disciplinary matters at home.

Orlando Juvenile Defense Lawyers Fight for Your Child

If you find yourself or your child on the wrong side of the law, contact an Orlando criminal defense attorney at the Umansky Law Firm for an immediate consultation regarding your legal rights. At the Umansky Law Firm, our juvenile defense lawyers have experience handling juvenile cases and will work hard on your child’s case to prevent harsh sentences.

Most of the juvenile defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are former prosecutors with more than 100 years of combined criminal law experience to put to work for you. They especially believe in providing children with second chances and could work to get yours into a diversion program such as Teen Court, RAPS, or PRIDE. Attorney William D. Umansky is a member of the Orange County Teen Court Judge Board of Directors and understands the trials kids put their parents through, and the importance of protecting their futures despite this fact. Please contact us today online or today to discuss your case further.

Call the Cops on Your Kid and Now They’re In Jail