After the Super Bowl, Don’t Touch Down in Jail for DUI

After the Super Bowl, Don’t Touch Down in Jail for DUI

After the Super Bowl, Don’t Touch Down in Jail for DUI

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and it’s the clash of the Pats and Giants! The Super Bowl is a very popular event for friends and family to get together to enjoy the game. Even those that aren’t normally inclined to watch football games may opt to watch the Super Bowl,  if not for the game, the commercials and always extravagant halftime show. For many people, it’s also an excuse to enjoy some alcoholic beverages alongside some fun snacks and grilling. Whether at private parties or at bars or restaurants, many Super Bowl viewers will imbibe while they enjoy the game. When the party’s over, there are a lot of intoxicated people needing to get home for the night.

Drunk driving should never be a choice. The best thing to do is to develop a plan beforehand, but in any case, taking to the roads under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and illegal. Here are some helpful ways to avoid finding yourself in a jail cell after the Super Bowl festivities have ended:

1. Appoint a designated driver.  That doesn’t mean someone who isn’t going to drink as much. It means someone who is not going to drink at all. They take responsibility for getting others home safely.

2. Call a cab. While cab fares are a little on the high side, they pale in comparison to the price of getting an arrest on the way home. Drop the extra cash and keep everyone safe and out of jail.

3. Spend the night. Go somewhere to party where friends don’t mind if you have to sleep it off on the couch. It’s better to get some good rest and head out sober in the morning than to get behind the wheel when you’ve had too much to drink.

4. Host the party. Sure, a lot of work goes into having the gang over to your place, but one of the biggest benefits of being the host is that you don’t have to go anywhere when the party is over. Once again, the cost of entertaining can be a little steep, but it’s nothing to the fines associated with a Florida DUI arrest.

5. Stay home. If no other option is available, and you are determined to drink no matter what, then stay at home. It may be a tad boring, but it is a better alternative to putting yourself in a situation where drunk driving becomes a possibility.

The Umansky Law Firm wants you do have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday!  Make sure the only thing you’re upset about on Monday is the fact that there’s no more football until August.

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After the Super Bowl, Don’t Touch Down in Jail for DUI