Property Owner Negligence Case

Orlando Property Owner Negligence Lawsuit Verdicts & Settlements

Orlando Property Owner Negligence Case – The Umansky Law Firm is currently in litigation on behalf of a client that was injured due to the failure of several different property owners to maintain their property. The client, a retired ex military man, was doing a little home improvement shopping. The client tripped over a large bump in the parking lot. After investigation, it was found that the large bump was almost the same color as the parking lot surface. The bump was being used as a drainage pipe taking water off a nearby roof.

Due to the accident, the client had to endure hip surgery, months of in house, intensive rehabilitation, and upon release from physical rehab had to live with a family member due to his condition and inability to take care of himself. The lawyers determined the proper at fault defendants and filed a demand against them for their property negligence and failure to provide a safe passage for customers on their premises. None of the named defendants have stepped up and taken responsibility for the injuries that the client sustained. The Umansky Law Firm has since filed suit and is pursuing a claim against the defendants in excess of $2,000,000.

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    Property Owner Negligence Case