Auto Accident Settlement

Attorney Chris Kaigle recently represented a gentleman in an auto accident. After the accident, he was treated by medical providers, and ultimately we submitted a demand to the insurance company. They gave Mr. Kaigle an initial offer and he tried to negotiate back and forth with them. However, their offers were not appropriately compensated to the client. It appeared that we were going to reach an impasse and ultimately have to file a lawsuit. What Mr. Kaigle did instead was suggest to the insurance adjuster to do what’s called a pre suit mediation.

Essentially, that’s a time for the attorneys, the client, and the adjuster to get together in the same room and try to negotiate it that way. Although it’s not required that the insurance company, the attorneys, or the client comply with them, a lot of times that’s beneficial, because it helps get the case resolved without having to file a lawsuit and occur additional cost in case. The adjuster agreed. He gave Attorney Kaigle a chance to create a Powerpoint and have the adjuster meet with our client face to face to see that the person on the other side of this table was an actual human being, who was in pain and was suffering as a result of their insurance negligence. Mr. Kaigle presented the case to the adjuster. Ultimately, the case was resolved at its fair value. The client was happy, the adjuster was thankful, and Attorney Chris Kaigle was happy because now the client would be adequately compensated.

$305,000 in automobile accident case where the elderly driver of the at-fault vehicle had a black out:
This was as strange case where the driver of the at fault vehicle fell unconscious (due to a medical condition) at the time he struck the rear of our client’s vehicle. Despite Florida law, in certain circumstances, providing a complete defense to driver’s who have an isolated black out related to a medical condition, we were able to overcome that hurdle and obtain an excellent result for our client who suffered neck injury which required surgery several years after the accident.

Every case is unique and results will vary based on the facts of an individual case. No case results can be guaranteed. These are just a sample of the cases we have settled, tried or currently litigating. Each case has its own set of circumstances and results are so different depending on so many factors it is hard to predict what your case is truly worth until a full investigation is done.

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    Auto Accident Settlement