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Motorcycle riders enjoy all the same rights and protections on Sanford’s roads as all other travelers. They have the right to expect that other motorists will treat them with respect and the right to demand compensation for their losses when a collision results in physical injuries. But other drivers and their insurance companies may deny liability for the incident and could also attempt to shift blame for the accident onto you.

A Sanford motorcycle accident lawyer wants to help you to collect fair compensation after a collision. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys must prove liability for the accident, demonstrate the extent of your losses, and seek out fair payments through insurance settlements of civil lawsuits.

Drivers Must Take Appropriate Steps to Protect Bikers

Every motorist in Sanford accepts a duty whenever they get behind the wheel, which involves acting appropriately when controlling a vehicle and providing proper protection to all other travelers. The requirement to act appropriately even extends to people on motorcycles. If a driver is involved in an accident that is their fault, they must provide injured bikers will all necessary compensation.

But how can someone prove fault for a traffic accident? The most direct way is to show that a driver was violating a rule of the road prior to the collision. This may include violations of speed limits, failing to yield, ignoring stop signs, or even drunk driving. Proof that a motorist was in violation of a traffic law at the time of a collision is useful evidence of fault in a civil demand for compensation.

Other cases rely on evidence that a defendant was careless in their driving. This could include distractions while eating, talking on the phone, or operating a poorly maintained vehicle. A Sanford motorcycle accident attorney could get to work gathering the evidence needed to prove that another driver was entirely to blame for an incident.

Appropriate Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Cases

Once a biker is able to prove that another driver was responsible for an accident, they can demand compensation for their losses. Still, the burden lies on injured parties to demonstrate these losses and place a dollar value on their experiences.

Defendants must pay for all outstanding medical bills associated with the needed treatment, like an ER visit, an ambulance ride, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. In addition, many people seek out compensation for mental traumas. Pain, suffering, nightmares, and PTSD are all common after motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Sanford could place a dollar value on these negative experiences.

A final potential source of compensation is for lost income. If an accident keeps a person off the job while making a recovery or results in a permanent disability, an at-fault driver must provide payments for the income they missed while they were recovering.

No matter the extent of a person’s losses, there is always a limited time to come forward. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, the statute of limitations on motorcycle accident cases is two years after the date of injury. Talking with a lawyer today maximizes their odds of making a successful recovery.

Let a Sanford Motorcycle Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights After a Crash

Every biker who suffers injuries because of the actions of another motorist deserves compensation to be made whole again. The burden falls on you to prove these concepts, and defendants’ insurance companies may argue that you were responsible for the incident or try to minimize your losses.

A Sanford motorcycle accident lawyer could help you pursue your case. From day one, we explain your rights, gather evidence, and prove that another driver was responsible for the crash. Give us a call now to let The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys work on your behalf.

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