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Slips and falls are a leading cause of personal injuries throughout Florida. Just because these incidents occur on another’s property does not automatically mean that the landowner is legally responsible. Injured people must not only show that a fall occurred on another’s land but must be able to demonstrate that the landowner did not take proper steps to provide protection. Failing to do so could mean you end up having to pay for your own medical bills and other losses.

A Sanford slip and fall lawyer may be able to help you pursue your case for its proper value. They are ready to perform a full investigation into the facts that led to a fall and place blame on a negligent property owner. A detailed personal injury attorney could also help measure how the event has changed your life and seek out proper payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits.

When is a Property Owner Responsible for a Fall?

Slips and falls are common events that can result in life-changing injuries. However, injured individuals must show that a landowner did not take proper precautions to prevent these events. Part of this process is showing a victim’s reason for being on the land.

Trespassers have little protection under the law. People who enter land without permission can only collect compensation if they can show that the owner caused an injury through willful or wanton conduct.

By contrast, landowners who invited guests onto their property have heightened responsibility under the law. If a person enters land for their own benefit, such as to attend a party, the owner must warn that guest about known hazards. If a person enters land for the benefit of the owner, usually to spend money, the owner must protect a guest about known hazards and inspect their land for potential dangers. A Sanford slip and fall attorney could provide more information about a visitor’s protections under the law.

Special Rules Protecting Commercial Property Owners

State law makes it difficult for people who endure injuries on commercial property to collect compensation. In addition to showing that a landowner should have known about a potential danger, victims of these falls may need to deal with the law concerning transient substances.

In short, these are substances that create temporary hazards on floors, from standing water to fresh wax. Here, Florida Statute § 768.0755 says that when a fall was the result of a temporary hazard on commercial property, people seeking compensation must be able to show that the landowner knew about the hazard and did nothing to fix it prior to the fall. A slip and fall lawyer could help show that a temporary hazard existed only because of a landowner’s failure to clear it.

Demanding Fair Compensation for the Victims of Negligence

If a person can show that a landowner was negligent in allowing a fall to occur, they deserve full compensation for their losses. However, this is only possible if that victim can connect their losses to the incident. It may be possible to collect compensation for:

  • Medical bills connected to a physical injury
  • Lost quality of life due to emotional trauma or pain
  • Missing income when an injury keeps a person out of work

A Sanford slip and fall lawyer is ready to evaluate how an injury has affected a person’s life and demand proper compensation from at-fault property owners.

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Dangerous falls are frequent events that raise many important legal questions. While there may be no doubt that a fall has inflicted serious injuries, the fact is that affected people need to prove that a landowner was negligent in allowing the fall to occur. This involves an evaluation of the property owner’s actions and the visitor’s motivations for being on the land.

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