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The abrupt and unexpected loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging things a family will ever go through, no matter how it happened. The grief a family faces can be overwhelming and requires a lot of recovery time. However, it is especially devastating when the death was preventable and was a result of negligent behavior.

Your family will deal with the grief, anger, and pain. When the loved one was the primary earner, that could also leave your family in a financial crisis. If a negligent party caused the death of a family member, call a Sanford wrongful death lawyer to discuss the details of the accident. A successful claim could result in financial compensation from the at-fault party. Though the money will never bring back your loved one, a compassionate personal injury attorney could help your family get back on its feet.

Recoverable Damages for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When a person successfully proves liability in a wrongful death lawsuit (which often stems from car accidents, truck collisions, hazardous property, or intentional acts of violence), the court will typically award them compensation for economic, and non-economic losses. Recoverable damages can include:

  • Lost earnings
  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Lost support and services
  • The loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Loss of net accumulations- the determination of how much the decedent would have earned throughout their life

The state’s wrongful death statutes and calculations for damages are complex. A Sanford wrongful death claims attorney could review the details of the accident to help file the claim for damages.

Who Gets the Damages From a Wrongful Death Claim?

Under Florida Statutes § 768.21, the court could award damages to each survivor for lost support and services. The court calculates the compensation amount from the decedent’s death, plus interest. The judge may also add estimated future losses.

The statute lists the damages that are available for each surviving relative. The surviving spouse and children under age 25 could receive compensation for their pain and suffering, and loss of mutual support and affection caused by the death of their loved one. If there are no surviving spouse or children, the parents of the deceased would be eligible to collect for pain and suffering. Any family member filing the wrongful death suit could be eligible for compensation for the loss of support and services.

Finally, the deceased’s estate is eligible to collect for medical bills and funeral expenses, the loss of wages, and the loss of accumulation of value. The calculations for a wrongful death claim are intricate, and a knowledgeable wrongful death claims lawyer in Sanford could help someone prepare the petition for filing and negotiate with the insurance company for compensation.

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Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging things a family must endure. The loss causes emotional trauma in addition to the financial burden of losing an income source and paying for funeral expenses. If a person you love has died due to the wrongdoing of another person’s actions, you have every right to hold that person responsible.

A Sanford wrongful death lawyer could negotiate on your family’s behalf and work diligently to get the claim resolved as quickly as possible. If the liable party’s insurance company is not willing to make an offer you deserve, The Umansky Law Firm could help you take the claim to trial and stand by your side until you get the justice you deserve.

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