Orlando Robbery Arraignments

When you are arrested and charged with robbery, your arraignment is one of the earliest steps in the criminal case process. Orlando robbery arraignments are the initial appearance where a defendant pleads guilty or not guilty, among multiple other key legal procedures.

You should secure legal representation from an experienced robbery attorney prior to your arraignment to ensure the strongest possible defense at each proceeding. An attorney can get involved at the beginning of your case and sometimes prevent charges from being filed in the first place.

If you are formally charged with robbery, having a criminal defense attorney present at your arraignment can make a significant difference in the outcome of these proceedings. We can interact with the state attorney’s office, review the evidence against you, and advise you of your best legal options in advance of the arraignment.

Understanding How Robbery Arraignments Work

Robbery is the taking of someone else’s property with threats, the use of fear, violence, coercion, or intimidation. If you use force or assault to carry out the robbery, you can be charged with strong arm robbery. The use of a firearm or other weapon can lead to armed robbery charges. All robbery charges are felonies in the state of Florida.

The criminal case process for Orlando robbery charges has several phases, including arraignment. After you are arrested for an alleged robbery offense, you will likely be taken into custody.

Next, you would attend the arraignment or initial appearance. At the arraignment, the judge will inform you of several key points of information, including the details of the charges you are facing and the amount of bail. The judge will also want to know whether you plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

If you plead guilty, this means you are admitting that you carried out the actions as charged and the case will proceed to the sentencing phase. If you plead not guilty, your case will typically to preliminary hearing after the arraignment. This can provide the opportunity to fight the charges you are facing or negotiate a favorable plea deal.

Finally, if you plead no contest, this means that you are not fighting the robbery charge and accept a conviction, but are not making a factual admission that you committed the robbery. The next step after this is sentencing.

Why You Need an Attorney at Your Arraignment

It is imperative that you have a robbery attorney representing your interests at your Orlando arraignment. A theft attorney can ensure your rights are safeguarded from potential violations by police and prosecutors while preventing costly mistakes that may otherwise happen with your case.

Your first time in court can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. You should have someone by your side who is deeply familiar with these legal procedures, can review the evidence available in advance of the arraignment, and evaluate any proposed plea deals.

A committed lawyer can be your legal voice at the arraignment and all other proceedings in the courtroom or when dealing with prosecutors. An attorney will identify any defenses that should be asserted or waived at your arraignment, while applying thorough knowledge of the law.

One key aspect of an arraignment is that the judge will often decide whether or not to grant bail, if applicable. Factors such as a prior criminal record and family ties to the area will be weighed heavily by the judge in making this decision. An attorney can provide advice in advance of the arraignment and often negotiate more favorable conditions for your release, ensuring your Constitutional rights remain intact.

Call an Orlando Attorney About Your Upcoming Arraignment for Robbery Charges

An arraignment can be a scary and overwhelming experience, and it is not one that you should approach without qualified legal representation. A lawyer can explain all available legal options in advance of Orlando robbery arraignments and help you determine how to plead based on the facts of your case.

The Umansky Law Firm negotiates and argues effectively on your behalf to secure the best resolution to your robbery charge. Give our office a call today to schedule your comprehensive consultation.

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