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People have different motives for attempting to commit a robbery. In some instances, people are coerced into committing a robbery by someone they know. Others are required to commit a robbery to gain favor within a known gang or another criminal organization. Whatever the reason, being charged with strong arm robbery is a serious situation in Orlando. Anyone facing robbery charges can face significant hurdles, and anyone who is convicted could watch their future take a dark path.

The robbery defense attorneys with The Umansky Law Firm understand the challenges ahead of you if you face charges for strong arm robbery. Understand that you have the right to defend yourself in court, and there is hope that a strong arm robbery charge won’t ruin your life.

Our firm has decades of experience helping criminal defendants throughout Orlando and Central Florida receive second changes. We believe your life shouldn’t be defined by a single mistake and will work hard to mitigate your charges and lessen the penalties you face so you can get back to your life.

What is Strong Arm Robbery?

Strong arm robbery is defined as a robbery using a violent weapon or one done by force. Typically, strong arm robbery includes the use of violence or a physical assault. What many people don’t realize is that strong arm robbery also includes robbery that was committed while threatening another person.

In Florida, strong arm robbery is a specific type of robbery that may be tied to other offenses. Some individuals who are charged with strong arm robbery also face charges for:

  • Robbery with a firearm
  • Robbery with a violent weapon
  • Breaking and entering
  • Home invasion robbery
  • Carjacking

All robbery charges are serious and, if convicted, can lead to severe penalties.

What are the Penalties for strong arm Robbery in Orlando?

According to Florida law, strong arm robbery is a second-degree felony offense categorized as a Level 6 offense under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code. The penalties for second-degree felony convictions may include:

  • Up to 15 years incarceration
  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Up to 15 years probation

If a person is charged with more than one count of robbery or has been charged multiple times, the penalties they face are more severe. If someone is injured during the robbery, the suspect will face more severe penalties as well.

Anyone who is charged with strong armed robbery should take immediate action by hiring a trustworthy criminal defense attorney. An attorney with experience handling robbery cases will understand how to create a viable defense strategy that stands up in court and works to mitigate the charges they’re facing.

Viable Defense Strategies for Strong Arm Robbery

There are multiple defense strategies that can be used to create a credible case against robbery charges. The attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm are educated and knowledgeable regarding the most effective defense strategies and work tirelessly to build a unique argument based upon the circumstances surrounding your case. Some of the most commonly used defense strategies for robbery include:

  • A claim of right defense: This defense strategy is most effective when the property under question rightfully belonged to the person facing charges.
  • Afterthought defense: This defense is most effective for cases where the person did not intend to use violence during the robbery.
  • Presence: This defense strategy is most effective for cases where the person was charged for being found at the scene of the crime.

When discussing your case with an attorney, it’s imperative to disclose all the details of the situation. Lawyers are trained to uncover circumstances that build viable defense strategies. Leaving out details could mean jeopardizing your case.

Trusted Strong Arm Robbery Defense Attorneys In Orlando

If you’ve been charged with strong arm robbery in or around Orlando, attorneys with The Umansky Law Firm have more than 100 years of combined experience defending criminal cases and have won justice for thousands of people across Central Florida. As former prosecutors, we understand the criminal process and contribute unique insight to every case.

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