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No parent wants to imagine that the people they left in charge of caring for their child would ever think about intentionally harming them or any other children. Unfortunately, this unimaginable scenario becomes all too real for many Florida families each year once they learn their child has suffered physical, psychological, or sexual abuse while at a daycare facility.

Taking proactive and effective legal action over this type of harm can be legally and emotionally complicated, as any experienced daycare accident attorney knows. Fortunately, the help you and your family might need is available from a compassionate and tenacious Orlando daycare abuse lawyer. The legal team at the Umansky Law Firm could work diligently to get you fair financial restitution and ensure your child is not harmed by the defendant ever again. Call today to find out more about taking steps to secure representation.

Identifying Malicious Mistreatment at an Orlando Daycare

Every child is unique, which means that every child’s response to abuse at a daycare facility may be different. That said, there are some common warning signs that parents and legal guardians should be aware of, including:

  • Dramatic changes in mood or behavior
  • Excessive fear or anxiety, especially around a particular daycare employee
  • Unexplained minor injuries, like bruises or cuts
  • Discomfort or flinching when touched, or when seeing sudden movements
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Reverting to infantile behavior like thumb-sucking or bed-wetting

Sexual abuse, in particular, may be characterized by soreness or infections in intimate areas, or unusual awareness or interest in sexual subjects. An Orlando childcare abuse attorney could review possible signs of abuse in a confidential setting and offer guidance about what legal options may be available.

What to Do After Discovering Daycare Abuse

The priority for any parent who suspects daycare staff members or administrators are abusing their child should be to immediately ensure their child is safe from any further harm. Beyond removing the child from the facility in question, it may also be important to report the suspected mistreatment to the state Department of Children and Families and contact law enforcement directly.

It is also vital to ensure a pediatrician or emergency medical evaluator examines the child as soon as possible to identify and treat any injuries they have sustained. In addition, medical documentation from this initial examination and all subsequent medical treatment will be critical evidence in a civil claim.

A daycare abuse attorney could help pursue a settlement or civil court award in Orlando from the individual staff member or facility owner who either engaged in, condoned, or negligently allowed abuse to occur. This kind of claim may demand compensation for past and future medical expenses, physical and psychological trauma, and more.

Enlist the Help of an Orlando Daycare Abuse Attorney to Pursue Justice for Your Child

Child abuse should never be tolerated under any circumstances, and certainly not from daycare workers or owners who are paid to provide compassionate care to multiple children. If you suspect someone affiliated with a daycare has abused your child, taking prompt action could be crucial to protecting them.

Guidance from a qualified Orlando daycare abuse lawyer could substantially boost your chances of securing the best possible legal resolution over this form of mistreatment. Call the Umansky Law Firm today to schedule a confidential consultation and for compassionate legal representation you can trust.

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