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Children tend to be accident prone; however, that does not excuse babysitters and daycare providers for failing to prevent accidents that can hurt them. Childcare does not come cheap. As parents, you make a significant monthly payment to ensure your child is in good hands during the day. Your basic expectations are that the caregivers will supervise your child and provide her with food and a safe place to play and rest. daycare workers have a great deal of responsibility. When they fail to meet expectations, parents may have the right to take action against the owner of the childcare establishment with the aid of an Orlando day care accident lawyer.

Daycare Accident Attorneys Who Handle Cases With Compassion

If you suspect that your child has been harmed at daycare, we understand that this must be an emotional time. Our compassionate premises liability attorneys understand that you may be experiencing several strong emotions in regard to your child experiencing an accident at daycare or being subjected to neglect or abuse. Our experienced daycare accident attorneys handle cases involving all types of accidents, such as:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents at daycare centers that can result in brain injuries
  • Children falling from high playground equipment at childcare facilities
  • Children choking on food
  • Objects becoming lodged in a child’s nose, ear or other orifice
  • Injuries from children fighting
  • Injuries from sexual abuse or other intentional acts

Signs of a Negligent Childcare Facility

Parents typically take a considerable amount of time to research and scope out local daycare facilities to ensure the right fit for their child. Signs that a childcare facility may be negligent include, but are not limited to:

  • An inadequate caregiver to child ratio
  • Objects harmful to young children lying within their reach
  • Cleaning supplies within reach of the children
  • Unsafe conditions inside or outside of the facility

When choosing a daycare facility, interview employees and management to understand how they run the facility. You should feel confident that your child will be safe while under their care.

Do You Suspect Your Child Was Abused at a Central Florida Childcare Facility?

A child that has been abused outside of the home may display subtle changes of behavior. If you suspect that your child may have been hurt or abused at daycare, you might notice the following signs:

  • Crying, fighting, or pretending to be sick to avoid going to daycare
  • Regressive behaviors like clinging, separation anxiety, and bedwetting
  • Appearance of bruises that the child cannot explain
  • Unusual mood shifts
  • Unexplained behavioral changes
  • Trouble sleeping and/ or eating
  • A sudden interest in sexuality and/ or genitalia

Immediately seek medical attention if you suspect your child has been hurt or abused at daycare and report daycare abuse to authorities in your state, such as the police, Child Protective Services, and childcare licensing agencies. Speak with a knowledgeable daycare abuse attorney about your legal options at this difficult time.

Learn More from an Orlando Day Care Accident Attorney

Article 744.3025 of the Florida Statutes governs the settlement of claims involving minors in the state. In general, a parent or natural guardian may settle a minor’s claim without seeking approval from the court when the gross amount is less than $15,000.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our Orlando day care accident lawyers handle the wide range of accidents and injuries that can occur at daycare. As former criminal prosecutors who have prosecuted these types of cases criminally, we take pride in our approach to these cases. While we work closely with you and are sensitive to your needs, we are aggressive in our pursuit of justice on behalf of you and your child. Discuss your case with our child daycare accident injury attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm for a free case review. Call or contact us online.

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