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Fraud is a non-violent crime that can inflict immense damage. The deceptive nature of such crimes is what leads many prosecutors to aggressively pursue a conviction and a judge to be firm in his or her ruling. Although often conceptualized as an act one person commits against another, fraudulent schemes usually involve groups of individuals coming together to devise a plan of action. When multiple people communicate an idea to carry out an act of fraud, the law recognizes it as conspiracy to commit fraud. Those convicted of fraud conspiracy can face up to:

  • 5 years in prison
  • $250,000 in fines for individuals or
  • $500,000 in fines for corporations
  • Or a combination of the two

Prepare yourself for your day in court by acquiring an experienced fraud lawyer who is prepared to defend against your federal charges. The Umansky Law Firm houses Orlando federal fraud conspiracy lawyers with experience handling federal fraud conspiracy cases. Trust us to keep your best interests at heart as we pursue a favorable conclusion to your criminal case.

A Look Into Florida Fraud Conspiracy

Fraud involves falsely representing facts to swindle money or something of value from another party. Conspiracy is a crime often charged alongside fraud. If one person devises a plan to commit a crime, he or she cannot be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. The prosecution can only present such a charge if two or more parties were in on the plan. Even if the parties involved never went through with the committing the fraud, they can still face conviction and penalties identical to if they committed the actual crime.

In large-scale conspiracy cases, it is not rare for there to be alleged co-conspirators who never once communicated or seen each other until their day in court. In such cases, those who may have played a comparatively minor role can face the same charges as those who allegedly had a more significant role in the fraud. Probably the most considerable disadvantage of the prosecution presenting conspiracy charges in a fraud case is that it allows them to introduce evidence that, otherwise, may have been inadmissible.

Orlando Defense Against Fraud Conspiracy

In order to get a conviction for conspiracy to commit fraud, the prosecution must do two things: prove that you had the intentions to commit the crime (whether you went through with it or not) and that you co-conspired with one or more people to commit the crime. Doing this can be relatively simple if you lack legal representation. A knowledgeable fraud conspiracy lawyer can refute the charges by presenting one of the following defenses:

  • You removed yourself from the conspiracy before a crime was committed
  • You had no knowledge of a conspiracy and, therefore, couldn’t have been a part of it
  • The actions that would have come as a result would not have been constituted as a crime

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