Capias Warrant in Orlando

In Florida, law enforcement officials do not have the freedom to just do anything they want to do. There are many actions that are outside their scope of authority. In such situations, law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant from a judge or other legal authority. Common types of warrants include search warrants, arrest warrants, warrants of possession, and warrants of committal. Here, we’re going to discuss capias warrants in Orlando and what it means if you’re facing this in the criminal process.

What’s the Key to Understanding Capias Warrants

Florida law under rule 3.730 outlines issuance of a capias when necessary to bring a defendant before the court. This rule states that a capias warrant is an order that directs the arrest of an individual. Law enforcement will obtain a capias warrant when an individual needs to be physically arrested and brought before a judge. Capias warrants are only issued when a court deems it necessary to do so.

A capias warrant can be issued when:

  • A person fails to appear in court before a judge
  • A person fails to pay a fine associated with a court order
  • A person does not comply with terms of their probation
  • A person fails to pay child support

Typically, warrants are managed by the sheriff’s department of a country or municipality. When necessary, however, federal and state courts also become involved.

What To Do If a Capias Warrant is Issued Against You

When a capias warrant is issued against you in Orlando, it’s important not to avoid the situation. Some important tips for handling a capias warrant include:

  • Do not argue with any law enforcement officials
  • Do not try to hide from law enforcement
  • Do not involve your friends and family in the situation
  • Turn yourself in before you’re approached
  • Hire trusted legal representation

If you try to run from law enforcement or avoid the warrant, the circumstances you’re facing could get worse. You might face extra fines or incarceration for your illegal actions.

A knowledgeable defense attorney can help you manage a capias warrant and mitigate the charges you face.

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