Prefile Intervention in Orlando

Were you recently named as a suspect in an investigation? Have police tried to speak with you about your alleged involvement in a particular crime? What you may not realize is that you can get a criminal defense lawyer to protect your reputation even before formal charges are filed. Prefile intervention in Orlando or prefile representation allows an attorney to step in and challenge the beginning phases of a police investigation.

After a person is named the suspect of a criminal offense , a detective calls him or her to question his or her level of involvement in the particular crime. The detective also collects information from the suspect’s spouse or any available witnesses like family members, friends, employers or coworkers who might know something about the crime. There may also be video or audio evidence of the suspect, which he or might not know about that “proves” he or she was involved. Before the suspect is even questioned, law enforcement officers already assume they have their guy.

Lawyers Form a “Big Shield” Against Police

Although it may seem like the law enforcement officer approaching you after you were accused of an offense just wants to get “your side of the story,” the law enforcement officer will often come armed with what he or she believes to be evidence of your guilt. Getting an attorney involved at the onset of an investigation allows the attorney to force law enforcement officers to respect your right against self-incrimination.

A lawyer who represents a defendant from the onset of a case acts can shield his client against police intrusion. In many cases, without the client’s confession government officials cannot prove their case. These cases can often get dropped since there is no evidence to prove them. At The Umansky Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers have helped hundreds of clients avoid formal criminal charges.

Advantages of Prefile Representation

From the moment an accusation is made against you until the prosecution makes a filing decision, an experienced attorney with The Umansky Law Firm can work to mitigate the odds that criminal charges will be filed. Additionally, an attorney who can offer representation before charges are filed can:

  • Conduct a prefile investigation, gather physical evidence, witness testimony and more that supports your innocence and present this information to the prosecuting attorney to attempt to dissuade him from filing formal charges.
  • Make it possible to receive a summons to appear in court instead of enduring the violence and embarrassment of a physical arrest.
  • By avoiding arrest, you can avoid being taken into custody, spending a night or multiple nights in jail, taking a booking photo, and seeing a judge.

Tips for Communicating with Law Enforcement

You may be wondering “should I ever talk to a police officer?” and if so, you may be surprised to learn that we do not advise that you speak with any member of law enforcement until you have already acquired an attorney who is familiar with your case. These days, one can never be sure of a police officer’s ulterior motives for questioning you. Seemingly innocent questions can lead you to reveal information that they can use to strengthen their case against you.

If police come knocking on your door, be sure to politely inform them that you would like to speak with your lawyer before communicating with them. Give nothing more than your name and date of birth, and assure them that your attorney will contact them.

Learn How to Deal with Prefile Intervention in Orlando

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