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Allegations of an assault should be taken seriously, as this criminal offense carries steep penalties. An arrest and conviction on assault charges could result in time behind bars, costly fines, and other consequences that last a lifetime.

Thankfully, you have the opportunity to fight back against a conviction with the help of a dedicated criminal defense attorney. A strong defense strategy could help you avoid a conviction and get back to your life. Let a Lake County assault lawyer advise you on the best way to proceed in your case.

Understanding Assault Charges

The criminal offense of assault occurs when one person threatens violence against another. This threat could be through spoken words or actions, so long as the intention is clear. A person commits assault if they threaten someone in a way that places them in fear of imminent violence.

Not every threat of violence will qualify as an assault charge. Another key element of this offense is that the person making the threat must have the ability to carry out the act. Threatening something that is not possible might not result in an assault case, for example.

The crime of assault is often accompanied by an additional charge of battery. While these offenses are similar, it is helpful to understand the differences. Assault charges relate to making a threat of violence. Alternatively, battery cases involve an act of violence, not a threat.

Whether a person is facing assault charges or multiple offenses, it is crucial to seek help from an attorney right away. A Lake County attorney could build a winning defense in an assault case.

Defenses to an Assault Charge

There are different ways to approach a defense strategy in an assault case. While there are many defense strategies available, not all defenses will work in each situation. It is important to let a Lake County assault attorney review all of the facts before determining the right defense approach.

Self Defense

Not all defenses in assault cases are about showing the accused did not use or threaten physical force. In some cases, these actions are justified. The most common example is when a person is acting in their own self-defense against someone else who was being aggressive or threatening.

Mistaken Identity

Assault charges can stem from fights or incidents with a large number of people present. In some situations, the police might not correctly identify all of the parties involved. Alternatively, the assault might be a verbal threat that came from a person who was not immediately visible. A person falsely accused of assault could build a defense based on mistaken identity.

Lack of Evidence

Ultimately, every criminal case comes down to the evidence offered by the state. The prosecutor has an obligation to prove guilt in an assault case beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, there is not enough evidence to meet this high standard. This leaves many defense attorneys with the ability to point to the weakness of the state’s case as their primary defense. In some situations, it might be possible to point to the state’s evidence and argue that there is not enough for a conviction, even if one assumes that everything the state says is true.

Contact a Lake County Assault Attorney Right Away

If you have been charged with assault, you deserve to have someone on your side who could make your case in court. The right defense strategy could result in victory at trial or even the dismissal of all charges against you.

Do not face the prosecution alone. Contact a Lake County assault lawyer as soon as possible for the support you deserve.

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