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There is no criminal charge that is more serious than murder. If you were arrested by the Clermont Police Department and are facing murder charges, your entire future is on the line. If convicted, you could spend a great deal of time or the rest of your life behind bars. You might even face the death penalty. You need to take action immediately to protect your future and one of our Clermont murder lawyers could meet with you to advise you of your rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney stays by your side, offering you knowledgeable guidance and critical legal advice to help you through this challenging time in your life.

Explaining the Different Types of Murder

Under Florida Statutes § 782.04, murder is the unlawful killing of another person. You can face several different degrees of murder charges in Clermont and our lawyers could help you with any one of them.

First Degree Murder

First degree murder charges are the most serious and you can face first degree murder charges if you are accused of using premeditation to kill another person. You might also face first degree murder charges through felony homicide, even if you did not intend to kill anybody, such as if someone dies while you were in the process of committing another felony, like drug trafficking, arson, robbery, sexual battery, burglary, kidnapping, and other felonies specifically outlined in the statute.

Because first degree murder charges are capital felonies, a convicted offender would face life imprisonment without the chance for parole or the death penalty.

Second Degree Murder

Second degree murder occurs when a defendant kills another person by committing an imminently dangerous act without regard for human life. This charge is for killings that were not premeditated and were not during the commission of a felony crime. Second degree murder charges are first degree felonies and you could face up to 30 years in prison.

Third Degree Murder

Third degree murder occurs when a defendant kills someone while in the process of committing or trying to commit a non-violent felony. Third degree murder charges do not require proof of intent, premeditation, or a depraved mind that has a disregard for human life. These are second degree felonies, and are generally punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Understanding what you are up against is the first step. A Clermont attorney could explain your murder charges in detail, review the facts of the case, and explain the feasible legal options.

Possible Defense Strategies Against Murder Charges

Our experienced lawyers could work closely with you to build the most effective defense strategy based on the facts of the case and the charges you face. In addition to using the same defenses that are commonly brought up in other types of cases, such as mistaken identity or procedural constitutional violations, a murder defense attorney in Clermont could also build defenses to negate certain elements of the particular crime.

Defenses to First Degree Murder Charges

If you face first degree charges, the first defense might be to show that you lacked premeditation and specific intent to kill. Similarly, if you face first degree felony homicide charges, we could argue that you did not participate in the felony actions.

Defenses to Second- and Third-Degree Murder Charges

A defense attorney could argue that the killing was accidental or in self-defense. Excusable homicide, justifiable homicide, and self-defense could be successful against second- and third-degree murder charges in the right circumstance.

No matter what you are up against, a knowledgeable lawyer could examine the evidence and build the most effective strategy to defend against the charges.

Call a Clermont Murder Defense Attorney to Represent You in Court

When you are facing murder charges, you need to protect yourself as quickly as possible. Call an experienced Clermont murder lawyer as soon as you can. We have successfully helped defend people facing all types of homicide charges. The Umansky Law Firm could work tirelessly and aggressively in pursuit of the best possible outcome, which, depending on the facts of the case, could be an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction of the charges. There are many ways to tackle this type of situation.

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