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Few types of criminal offenses anywhere in the country are prosecuted as harshly as unlawful sexual conduct in the state of Florida, even for first-time offenders. Whether your particular charge is classified as a serious felony or a misdemeanor, understanding your rights and enforcing them to the fullest extent possible could be crucial to protecting your freedom and best interests.

The quality of legal representation you have when facing sex-based charges can have a huge impact on your case’s final outcome. While public defenders perform valuable and vital services, seeking a skilled private defense attorney’s help should be a priority if you are in this situation. If you are being investigated or already have been charged with a crime, a Clermont sex crimes lawyer could provide tireless and tenacious advocacy on your behalf.

Understanding Different Sex Offense Charges

“Sex crimes” is a blanket term for a host of unique criminal offenses codified in the Florida Statutes, each of which covers different unlawful behavior and may result in different penalties upon conviction. While most offenses that fall under this term are felonies, there are a few classified as misdemeanors. For example, indecent exposure is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $1,000 fine and/or one-year jail term.

Other types of sex crimes can have different criminal sanctions attached to them depending on exactly what a defendant is accused of doing. In some cases, it is affected by who they allegedly targeted with their actions. For instance, sexual battery is generally a second-degree felony with a Level 8 severity ranking; but aggravated sexual battery—meaning sexual battery occurring under specific circumstances outlined in Florida Statutes § 794.011—against an adult is a first-degree felony with the same severity ranking. The same offense committed against someone under 18 can be punished with a lifetime prison sentence.

Some other sex-based crimes that are often seen in Clermont include:

  • Voyeurism and indecent exposure
  • Providing obscene material to children
  • Solicitation and prostitution
  • Internet-based sex crimes
  • Sex trafficking
  • Date rape
  • Revenge porn

Non-violent sex crimes like child pornography and statutory rape are also serious felonies punishable by multiple years behind bars. Representation from a seasoned Clermont sex crimes attorney is essential to contesting any charges of this kind.

Unique Repercussions of Sex Crime Convictions

On top of steep fines and prison terms, sex crime convictions in Florida can also result in some sanctions that do not apply to most other criminal offenses. Most notably, many sex crime convictions will result in the defendant being required to register as a sex offender with the state, which can put significant limitations on where they can live and work for decades afterwards.

Furthermore, even after being released from incarceration, sex crime offenders are often subject to extremely restrictive probation terms that may require them to provide DNA samples to law enforcement, pay restitution to people impacted by their offense, refrain from having any contact whatsoever with children, or even be cut off from computer and Internet services.

A sex crimes lawyer in Clermont could be a key resource when it comes to understanding what penalties a particular charge might lead to, and mitigating them as much as possible.

Seek Help from a Clermont Sex Crimes Attorney Immediately

A criminal charge of any kind is always worth taking seriously, but sex crime allegations can have especially severe consequences and may warrant a much more vigorous defense as a result. It is essential to have professional legal help in constructing a defense and achieving a favorable result from this sensitive type of case.

A Clermont sex crimes lawyer could discuss legal options and explain your rights during a confidential consultation. Schedule yours by calling the Umansky Law Firm today.

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