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Every parent fears a call from jail from their college-aged child, but it is not unusual for young adults to get into trouble with the law. Although sometimes the matter is quite serious, skilled legal representation from a local criminal defense attorney could resolve the issue with minimal lingering consequences in most cases.

A Clermont college student defense lawyer represents young people enrolled at Lake Sumpter State College, UCF South Lake, Valencia College, and other local campuses. We understand the nuances of defending college students and have deep knowledge of the local prosecutor’s office. With their help, your student could achieve the best result the circumstances allow.

Charges Students Often Face

Young people living largely unsupervised will sometimes push boundaries, take risks, and act impulsively. Many student crimes involve alcohol, such as public urination, public intoxication, disorderly intoxication, and driving while intoxicated. College students often get arrested for drug crimes, especially possession of marijuana or small quantities of other drugs.

College students sometimes face charges that fall into the category of sex crimes as well. Hormones, inexperience, and alcohol combine to create situations where attention is unwelcome or consent is unclear. Conviction of a sexual offense could have devastating consequences for a student’s future. A Clermont college student defense attorney could work diligently to avoid a result that requires a student to register as a sex offender.

Resolving Charges Against Students

Many students who get arrested are first offenders. This status opens opportunities to resolve charges without creating a criminal record, as prosecutors prefer to spend their limited resources prosecuting hardened criminals. Depending on the offense, an attorney could resolve charges without creating a criminal record in exchange for:

  • Restitution
  • A fine
  • Probation
  • Participation in an alcohol awareness program or similar course
  • Community service
  • Some combination of the above

If the police work is shoddy or the evidence weak, it could be possible to have charges dropped entirely without legal consequences to the student.

If the student has a criminal history, the charge is serious, or other circumstances merit it, resolving the charges without a criminal record might not be possible. However, it is important to investigate all options to preserve the student’s future opportunities. If drug use, alcohol abuse, or mental health challenges had a role in the incident, then a diversion or rehabilitation program might be a viable alternative to prosecution in a specific case.

Forcing the prosecutor to prove the case at a trial is always an option. It is usually more expensive and stressful, and delays the case’s resolution until a trial can be scheduled. However, it is a defendant’s right to face trial by jury.

Criminal Charges Have Educational Consequences

Resolving the criminal matter is just one part of a college student defender’s job. Police notify schools when they arrest a student and the schools initiate disciplinary proceedings. Institutions of higher learning have codes of conduct or honor codes that usually make an arrest a violation. Colleges need not offer due process—even if the prosecutor drops charges or the student gets an acquittal after a trial, the school could discipline the student.

Schools have broad powers to impose penalties on students who violate the honor code or code of conduct. These include expulsion, suspension, probation, eviction from campus housing, no-contact orders, forced mental health counseling, and more. Protecting a student’s ability to continue their education requires skilled counsel through the disciplinary process.

A Clermont attorney could prepare a college student for the disciplinary proceeding and be present if the school allows an attorney to attend. Disciplinary boards often can be persuaded to leniency if the student shows contrition and an awareness of the affect their conduct had on others.

Engage a Clermont College Student Defense Attorney to Protect Your Child’s Future

Your child has their whole life in front of them, but an arrest and conviction could stain their future forever. Working with a Clermont college student defense lawyer provides them the best chance of avoiding lifelong consequences. Give your child the gift of a vigorous defense. Call Umansky Law to learn what steps you need to take.

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