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Drug offenses can be among the most damaging to have on your record. Employers who see an individual with a drug charge on their record are likely to assume that the person is a former distributor or an avid user. There are very few people who would see such a charge and come to the conclusion that a marijuana “roach” was found in a crevice of one of the cushions in their car when that could have very well been the case.

There may be strict enforcement of drug possession laws, but not everyone around the country obeys those laws; however, the recreational use of all drugs and substances is outlawed in Florida. It’s vital that those accused of drug charges in Central Florida acquire a skilled criminal defense attorney that will fight for them. Trust a Clermont drug lawyer to analyze the facts of your case and inform you of your legal options.

Common Drug Offenses

Marijuana — also referred to as weed, pot, and cannabis — is one of the most commonly circulated drugs, but is not the only one outlawed by the Florida legislature. Those caught in possession of any of the following drugs or substances can face a drug conviction:

  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Fentanyl

Florida laws also prohibit the illegal use or distribution of prescription drugs as well. That can include instances where an individual who was prescribed the drugs sells them to a third party, takes them for recreational use or when an individual not prescribed the drugs uses them. These drugs include:

  • Percocet
  • Oxycontin
  • Vicodin

Regardless of whether it’s a drug, substance, or prescription pill, one can expect severe sentencing if caught with illegal drugs in Clermont, FL. The extent of the charges you’ll face generally lies in the amount you have in possession, his or her intent, and criminal history.  Probation, counseling, fines, and prison time are all possible outcomes of a drug charge conviction. Your best chance at getting charges lessened or dismissed is by acquiring the services of a Clermont drug defense attorney.

How a Clermont Drug Defense Attorney Can Help

Florida judges are known for being harsh on individuals facing drug charges, especially if he or she is a repeat offender. That’s why it’s essential that you entrust your legal representation to a drug defense attorney at The Umansky Law Firm. We defend against charges for:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Importation
  • Manufacturing and cultivation
  • Drug sales and delivery
  • Drug possession
  • Possession with the intent to sell
  • Drug trafficking

A successful defense against drug charges is possible depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Possible strategies our firm may use include:

  • Police violated state search and seizure laws
  • The drugs didn’t belong to you or were purposely planted
  • The crime lab responsible for analyzing drug evidence made a mistake
  • Law enforcement executed an invalid search warrant
  • You have a prescription for the drugs in question

Speaking with a Clermont drug lawyer about your situation will help determine the best defense strategy to approach during trial.

Retain a Seasoned Clermont Drug Attorney

Attorney William D. Umansky of The Umansky Law Firm is a seasoned attorney who has a team of Clermont drug defense lawyers that shares his passion for justice. Our attorneys dedicate themselves to the satisfaction of their clients and do not fear prosecution, judges, or a trial by jury. Many of our team members belong to the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and use our more than 100 years of combined experience to create the best possible outcome for your situation.

With experience as former prosecutors on the state and local level, they know how the other side operates and can use it to your advantage when you are charged with a drug crime. Allow us to go to work for you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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