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Fraud charges can significantly impact your life because of the stress involved in defending yourself and the gravity of the potential consequences. Representing your interests in court and taking on the role of attorney by yourself is extremely difficult. You might benefit from the advice of a licensed criminal defense attorney with experience successfully defending people against such significant charges.

Contacting a Clermont fraud lawyer can be the first important step to setting you up for success. We understand the intricate laws and procedures in criminal cases involving fraud charges. We can do what is necessary to defend you in court and help limit the charges’ impact on your life.

What Constitutes Fraud in Clermont?

Fraud is a broad legal concept that often involves allegations that someone lied to gain financially. Examples of fraud include impersonating someone to acquire property, forging someone’s signature, and orchestrating a telephone scam to get money from people. Reselling event tickets for a higher price than the original cost can also constitute fraud under Florida law.

The laws about fraud are hard to understand without a solid legal background and training. Those facing charges might benefit from seeking experienced fraud lawyers who work in Clermont and routinely handle these cases.

What Are the Punishments for Committing Fraud?

Those convicted of fraud in Clermont may face a hefty prison sentence, fines, and other consequences such as community service. In the case of people convicted of multiple felonies (such as fraud), the state may argue for substantially higher sentences under Florida’s habitual felony offender statutes.

The penalty that a fraud conviction carries depends on the circumstances, the person’s criminal record, and the type of fraud. For example, if someone intentionally skews figures on a credit card or loan application, they may have committed a first-degree misdemeanor. Often, this charge carries a sentence of one year or less and a fine of up to $1,000, but the court may impose a higher fine proportionate to the victim’s financial losses.

To understand their rights and what punishments they may face, individuals facing fraud charges can reach out to a Clermont attorney. Fraud is a complex area of the law, with many nuances, exceptions, and technicalities that most non-lawyers do not know about. A lawyer in this field has the training and insight to prepare a reasoned defense.

What Are the Defenses to Fraud?

Defending against a fraud charge requires skill and a good grasp of the allegations. Many fraud charges can only result in a conviction if the state can prove the accused knew something or acted purposefully. If the state cannot prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, there is a good chance that the judge may dismiss the charges.

One defense to fraud is to attack the allegations and show that the accused did not intentionally or knowingly lie (i.e., that they made a mistake). For example, the person could indicate that they made a mistake on the loan paperwork, but it was not intentional. In the case of an unlawful ticket resale charge, the person might explain that they believed they had received permission from the vendor to sell the tickets onsite.

The defenses available to the accused will heavily depend on the unique facts of their case and the specific charges against them. A lawyer who practices fraud could thoroughly examine the person’s case and research the applicable law to uncover the weaknesses in the government’s case. They can also determine what defenses the defendant may use to dispute the charges or limit the possible penalties.

Contact a Clermont Fraud Attorney for Assistance

You do not have to face this fight alone, and doing so may not be in your best interest. An attorney at The Umansky Law Firm may help you by performing vital research and preparations to make arguments on your behalf or uncovering evidence in your favor.

Our team of experienced attorneys will lend a compassionate ear, taking the time to understand your experience and what occurred. We can use our knowledge of Florida law and criminal procedure to craft defenses and argue for your best interests. Contact a Clermont fraud lawyer at our office today for legal help.

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