Can You Drive with an Expired License in Florida?

Can You Drive with an Expired License in Florida?

Can You Drive with an Expired License in Florida?

A simple mistake, such as driving with an expired license, could upend your life and see you face the harsh side of the legal system. While traffic tickets for violations like driving with an expired license could lead to fines, you could also risk much tougher legal consequences.

Driving with an expired license in Florida is a serious violation, and you should not try to handle your case without experienced legal representation by your side. A skilled traffic attorney can provide aggressive advocacy and personalized counsel while working to protect your driving record.

Potential Legal Penalties for Driving with an Expired License

The legal penalties you could face for driving on an expired license will depend on a few factors. If you have a prior traffic violation on your record, you could face harsher penalties if you are subsequently caught driving with an expired driver’s license. The other key factor is how long ago it became invalid.

Florida does observe a grace period, which means that if you are driving with an expired license but its validity ended less than six months ago, you will likely be charged with an infraction only. An infraction can incur a fine of $30.

However, if that six-month grace period is passed, you could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for driving on an expired license. In the state of Florida, a second-degree misdemeanor can result in up to 60 days in jail plus financial penalties of up to $500 if convicted. You could also face up to six months of probation.

Defending Charges for Driving with an Expired License

Even if you are facing an infraction for driving with an expired license, you should consult with an attorney right away. Beyond the potential for wide-ranging fines, and even incarceration in more extreme instances, you could lose your license for a period of time. That just increases the likelihood of increased insurance rates, which are already a possibility if you are found driving with an expired license.

Even for a simple fine for an infraction, paying that penalty is essentially an admission of guilt. An attorney can review the situation that led to the issuance of an infraction or charge, and evaluate defenses to get the court to reduce or dismiss your charge.

For example, if you have a valid license but it simply was not in the vehicle with you at the time, this information could be used to get your case dismissed. Lack of evidence or demonstrating that your case fits into a legal exemption (e.g. you are not a Florida resident but have a valid out-of-state license) could also be effective defense options.

Contact an Attorney If You are Caught Driving with an Expired License in Florida

While driving with an experienced license may lead to a traffic ticket that feels more like an annoyance than a threat to your future, any case of this nature should be taken seriously. Depending on how long your license has expired, you could face an infraction or an actual criminal charge.

Driving on an expired license can also impact your insurance rates, impose points on your driving record, lead to a potential loss of driving privileges, and even jail in some cases. A criminal attorney can work to help you avoid the legal repercussions of a traffic citation or charge. Contact our firm today to receive a free consultation and speak with someone who can provide tailored advice about how to handle your traffic case.

Can You Drive with an Expired License in Florida?