Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea in Avalon Park

An arrest, conviction, or plea related to a criminal case can have permanent repercussions that go beyond jail time or fines. Besides impacting your personal rights and freedoms, a criminal record can also severely inhibit your professional endeavors. While any criminal conviction or plea may put your professional license at risk, failing to report your case to the relevant licensing authorities within a certain time frame could enhance the likelihood of suspension or revocation.

A criminal lawyer can aggressively defend your interests if you are facing the potential loss of your license for failure to report a conviction or plea in Avalon Park. We can also help you comply with your reporting obligations if you are a licensed professional who has been convicted of a criminal offense or involved in a plea deal.

Requirements to Report Arrests, Convictions, or Pleas

If you are a licensed professional in certain fields, you are required to report an arrest to the appropriate state body, such as the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). An arrest or disposition of a criminal case will also require that you contact the applicable board or other licensing authority to inform them about these proceedings.

The body to whom you must report a conviction or plea, or else risk disciplinary action in Avalon Park, will depend on the profession you are in. For example, the Florida DBPR governs a wide range of licensed professions ranging from teachers to real estate agents, and contractors to medical workers. Other licensing bodies that may be relevant if you have been arrested, convicted of a crime, or made a plea arrangement include the Florida Bar, the Florida Real Estate Commission, the Construction Industry Licensing Board, and the Florida Department of Education.

Rules for Reporting

Each licensing body has its own rules for reporting a conviction, plea, or arrest. Failure to adhere to these rules risks punitive actions along with any consequences that a licensing entity may impose related to the disposition of the underlying actual criminal charge.

For example, if you are a lawyer who has been arrested or had a felony charge filed against you, you have just 10 days to report the case to the Florida Bar. If you are convicted or reach a plea deal regarding that felony charge, you also must let the Bar know in 10 days.

If you are an educator who is convicted of a crime, you must notify the Department of Education within 48 hours. Licensed real estate agents have 30 days to report a plea deal or criminal conviction to the Florida Real Estate Commission. That 30-day deadline also applies to licensed professionals who fall under the purview of the Florida DBPR and are convicted of a crime or reach a plea deal.

Consequences of Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea

If you are convicted of a crime or reach a plea deal, you will face the consequences attached to the crime, which can include jail time, probation, and fines. State regulatory entities may impose disciplinary action and other serious penalties upon a licensed professional convicted of a crime.

These harsh administrative consequences may be increased if you fail to report a conviction or plea in Avalon Park. Fines ranging in the thousands of dollars, as well as license suspension or revocation, are a few possible administrative outcomes that the DBPR or other licensing body can impose if you fail to report a conviction or plea by the required deadline.

The severity of the underlying criminal offense, the extent of the harm to any alleged victims, and any prior disciplinary proceedings can heighten these administrative penalties. It could also lead to permanent loss of your license. When your license is on the line, you need an attorney who understands the procedures involved and can work tirelessly to reduce or eliminate the disciplinary outcomes.

Get Help from an Avalon Park Attorney About Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea

If you are a professional license holder in the state of Florida, you have worked long and hard to achieve your career status. Whether you are a lawyer, physician, nurse, realtor, or any other licensed professional facing legal issues for failure to report a conviction or plea in Avalon Park, you must secure the quality representation you deserve.

An attorney can evaluate every possible avenue to achieve a favorable resolution while fighting to protect your career. Contact our office today to receive a free consultation.

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    Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea in Avalon Park