Teacher Sex Abuse Claims in Winter Garden

Schools are environments where signs of wrongdoing, such as teacher sex abuse, are often ignored by those entrusted to protect our community’s most vulnerable population. At some institutions, educational officials attempt to bury their neglect.

When you or your child has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of educational professionals, you could contact a Winter Garden teacher sex abuse claims lawyer to pursue financial compensation for the harm. While this is not a formal criminal charge, a personal injury lawsuit could get you the compensation you and your family need to move forward.

Settlements and Collecting Compensatory Damages

In many cases, instances of sexual abuse are, in part, the result of negligent school officials. This does not mean that the unethical teacher is not civilly at fault for being the actual cause of the injuries through their actions. This means the educational facility and specific employees are the proximate cause of the harm through their neglect.

School officials are regularly trained in how to look for indicators of unprofessional relationships between teachers and students. They are also mandatory reporters and must inform their superiors and law enforcement of any inclinations or wrongdoing.

No one who works at a school should ever fail to report instances of teacher abuse. A Winter Garden teacher sex abuse lawyer could help families obtain fair damage awards by including all at-fault parties in a lawsuit, including the facility itself.

What To Do Following an Instance of Sexual Abuse

Learning your child was hurt by a teacher or other school professional brings out a lot of emotions. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to take the victim to the hospital and request a sexual assault examination. The medical facility will also recommend therapeutic services to help with the emotional and mental trauma of the situation.

A person should then call the Winter Garden police department to report the crime. They will explain what to save as evidence, including clothing or any communication between child and teacher.

After seeking medical treatment and reporting the crime to local authorities, a parent should contact a child injury attorney to help with a civil claim against the teacher or administrators.

A Winter Garden attorney understands the sensitive nature of this incident and counsels children and families regarding how the legal process will play out.

Will a Teacher Be Charged if Someone Files a Civil Abuse Claim?

Filing a personal injury claim for sexual abuse of a child is wholly separate from any criminal charges. It is possible to hold someone negligent for failing to stop or address the situation. The goal here is not to put someone in jail but to get a financial payout due to the harm suffered.

An educator sexual abuse lawyer in Winter Garden could explain the legal standards necessary for a judge or jury to award injured persons monetary compensation in sex abuse lawsuits.

Contact a Winter Garden Teacher Sex Abuse Claims Attorney to Learn More

If a child was under the age of 16 when the sexual abuse occurred, there is no statute of limitations to filing a civil claim. Nonetheless, it is important to seek justice as soon as possible, especially if the alleged abuser is still teacher.

An injured party can receive damages to cover medical costs, future treatment, counseling services, and pain and suffering. To learn more about how you can make a teacher sex abuse claim in Winter Garden, reach out to our compassionate law firm and schedule a free, private consultation.

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