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The term “assault” is broad when it comes to criminal charges in Sanford. While this term might leave the impression that some sort of attack occurred, assault charges can happen without hurting or even touching another person.

If you are facing assault charges, including for specifically assault and battery, a dedicated criminal defense attorney might be able to help. With strong legal counsel by your side, you could put together a strong defense that helps you avoid conviction. Let a Sanford assault lawyer advocate for you during this challenging time.

What is Assault?

The crime of assault occurs when one person intentionally makes a threat of imminent harm to another person. This threat can be made with explicit words or actions. To be a crime, the threat of harm must be imminent.

There are two different types of assault charges: simple assault and aggravated assault. Most assault charges are simple assault, which involves threats of imminent harm to another person. These charges become aggravated when certain elements are present in the crime. For example, aggravated assault includes committing an assault while in the possession of a firearm.

Consequences for an assault conviction can vary. Misdemeanor assault charges could lead to as much as a year in jail, but there are also social consequences that come with a criminal conviction, including the potential loss of employment. A felony assault conviction could result in the loss of constitutional rights, such as the right to own firearms or vote, which is why it is critical to work with a Sanford assault attorney as soon as possible.

Assault vs. Battery

It is not uncommon for the terms “assault” and “battery” to be used interchangeably. However, each of these terms represents a specific criminal act. The differences between these charges are important, as battery often carries steeper penalties.

Battery always involves some sort of intentional physical contact with another person. This differs from assault, which does not require there to be contact between the parties in question.

The reality is that both assault and battery are serious offenses in Sanford that could have lasting implications for a person who has been charged. A conviction in either case could result in jail time, fines, and other serious consequences.

Is it Possible to Drop Assault Charges?

For many people charged with assault, the immediate question is, “Can the reporting witness drop the charges against me?” Unfortunately, bringing an assault case to an end is not so simple. Criminal charges are not dismissed automatically upon the request of the alleged victim.

Once criminal charges have been filed, the case is no longer in the hands of the reporting witness. From this point forward, only the prosecutor can dismiss assault charges – but that does not mean the refusal of a witness to cooperate will not have an impact. Prosecutors often drop charges when the alleged victim recants or otherwise refuses to participate.

A Sanford attorney could help bring about a dismissal of the assault charge by collecting an affidavit from the reporting victim that alleges that they do not want to testify. This could potentially be enough to result in a dismissal of all charges.

Talk to a Sanford Assault Attorney for Guidance

Facing assault charges in Florida is a serious matter that could impact the rest of your life. From your reputation to your physical freedom, a conviction for assault could have a lasting effect on your life that may be difficult to return from.

Do not address these criminal charges by yourself. Reach out to a Sanford assault lawyer right away by contacting The Umansky Law Firm Criminal Defense & Injury Attorneys.

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