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For many people, receiving a ticket means paying the fine, accepting the increased insurance rates, and moving on. The reality is that tickets do not have to play out this way. With the guidance of a seasoned defense attorney, it could be possible to reduce the consequences of a traffic ticket—or avoid a conviction entirely.

If you have been subjected to a traffic ticket, you could benefit from the guidance of legal counsel from The Umansky Law Firm. Depending on the facts, we could help you contest a ticket or even have it dismissed. Let a Sanford traffic lawyer assist you with your ticket before you attempt to handle it on your own.

Common Traffic Violations

There are many different reasons why the police might pull over and ticket a driver. Motorists are required to comply with a wide range of traffic rules. Some of these offenses are minor infractions that involve little more than a fine, while other cases involve traffic misdemeanors that could result in jailtime. A Sanford attorney could build a traffic defense in either type of case.

Minor Traffic Offenses

State law recognizes a wide range of minor traffic offenses. These offenses on their own are not considered to be criminal charges. Instead, they are infractions that do not include the risk of time behind bars. Some of the most common traffic offenses include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Running a stop sign

These offenses might not carry the risk of jail time, but that does not mean there are no consequences associated with a conviction. Moving violations can result in monetary fines, which can add up quickly. What’s more, they can lead to points on a license. Enough points will result in the suspension of a person’s driving privileges. There are also collateral consequences related to traffic violations. For example, a ticket is likely to increase the cost of auto insurance.

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

Some traffic violations are criminal offenses. The most common example of a criminal traffic offense is driving while intoxicated. Because these offenses are treated as misdemeanors, a conviction could result in time behind bars.

Other incidents that a lawyer could help someone defend against include reckless driving, improper display of a license plate, driving with expired tags, parking in a handicapped spot, driving without a license, among many others.

What to Do With a Traffic Ticket

There are numerous ways a traffic offense in Sanford could play out. For many people, it could be possible to negotiate the dismissal or a ticket or a reduction in the fine in exchange for attending some type of defensive driving school. Avoiding a ticket in this manner could be a best-case scenario for some people. Although it involves paying for driving school, that cost pales in comparison to the expense of insurance rate increases.

There are also times when the case for a traffic violation is weak. A Sanford traffic attorney could evaluate the police report and determine if the charges are likely to result in a conviction. Taking a traffic case to court is not always the best option, but an attorney could advise the defendant on when it makes sense in a particular case.

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You have a right to an attorney in traffic cases that could result in your incarceration. You could also benefit from the guidance of legal counsel any time you receive a ticket. The right attorney could help you avoid the consequences of a traffic violation conviction, so reach out to a Sanford traffic lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

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