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If you have been accused of creating illegal documents, call an Orlando forgery and counterfeiting lawyer for legal guidance. A respected theft defense attorney from the Umansky Law Firm can help make the case to get your charges reduced or dismissed.


Forgery is committed by signing someone else’s signature on a document without their permission. Forgery is generally committed by someone who is accessing stolen checks or documents. If you feel as though you have been a victim of forgery, you must contact your bank or credit union. File a police report with a law enforcement official in the specified jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

What can happen if you’re arrested for a first time forgery charge in Florida? Usually, it depends upon the level of forgery. If it’s a state level crime and that means the state decides to charge you, as opposed to the federal government, usually you’re looking at some type of probation sentence, if the state can prove it, or if you’re a first offender, a possibility of getting your charge dropped in the pretrial diversion program, or pretrial intervention. If you’re placed on probation or diversion for forgery, you’ll likely be facing having to do the following things in order to complete probation or diversion. The first thing you probably have to do is community service hours. You will have to find a place in a non-profit center where you can do those hours, helping other people without getting paid for it. Another thing you probably have to do, which is very important, is to pay restitution back to the alleged victim. If you’ve failed to pay restitution back to the alleged victim, you could be thrown out of that diversion program and lose your right to ever get the charge dropped. If you’re on probation and fail to pay restitution, you can actually be looking at a violation of your probation and potential jail.

Paying Fines

Another potential penalty you can face for being arrested for forgery is paying a fine. Typically, the fines on forgery cases range anywhere from one to five thousand dollars. Sometimes, the prosecutor will do less, depending upon your financial circumstances, or the strength or weakness of the case. Another possible penalty for a forgery charge is that you’ll have to attend a life skills class. However, if the amounts involved are greater than $5,000, or $10,000, or $20,000 dollars, then, unfortunately, you may not be eligible for a diversion or intervention program in your county, and you could potentially be facing jail time, or prison instead of probation. It’s important to meet with an Orlando attorney who is experienced or skilled in forgery cases, so they can sit down with you to talk about the certain defenses to your charge. Such defenses may be the state’s inability to prove that you, in fact, forged the check or the other instrument that they’re alleging. In some cases, the government doesn’t go away to get fingerprints of the forge instrument, or get video surveillance of the person who allegedly forged the check, or instrument. There are certainly other defenses that may be available to you and you should check them out by taking your police report and meeting with an attorney who does forgery cases in your area.

Check Forgery Report

A sworn statement is required by the victim and provided to the law enforcement official in charge of the case. The sworn statement must contain the financial institution name, check numbers if possible, account number, and any information regarding the suspect. An individual may also include a personal statement that reflects permission was not given to anyone to obtain, possess, or utilize their checks.


Counterfeiting is a criminal offense that involves the alteration or creation of false documents, such as currency, for personal gain. Counterfeiting and forgery charges vary depending on the specific details of the offenses. The penalties depend on the severity of the charges, the offense and the altered material.

Criminal Defense

criminal defense attorney will come in handy for individuals who are charged with either of these crimes. A forgery theft lawyer in Orlando will review the case with the individual who was charged with the crime. The legal representative will review all circumstances in the case and discuss all options for the defendant. This will give insight to the defendant for the outcome of the trial. Attorneys’ represent clients for a varied number of criminal charges that include:

Counterfeiting and Forgery Charges

* Money Counterfeiting
* Altercation of Private Labels
* Counterfeiting or Forging Blank Prescription
* Passing Forged or Altered Checks
* Altering Bank Documents such as Promissory Notes
* Counterfeiting Doctor Examination Documents
* Forging Counterfeit Controlled Substances

Jail time or fines will vary depending on the details of the crime committed , and the judge’s ruling in the case.

The specified criminal offenses will require the legal representation of a lawyer. Criminal attorneys provide their clients a chance to retain their freedom and avoid conviction.  To receive a free consultation for your case, please contact The Umansky Law Firm today.

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