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One question that we often hear from clients filing a personal injury lawsuit is, “How much is my settlement worth?” That’s a challenging question to answer since every case is different and has its own unique circumstances. There is, however, information that can help injured victims understand how attorneys estimate the value of their claims. Let’s explore how injury claims surrounding broken teeth and other notable tooth damage injuries are determined.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our Orlando tooth damage lawyers often represent people who have been hurt while driving, dining, or handling affairs on a property that was left in hazardous conditions. Our goal is to win financial compensation for clients who have been hurt because of another party’s negligence. Our negotiations have won settlements for our injured clients ranging from $10,000 to $800,000. When you contact our injury attorneys, you can be sure that your case will be handled in your very best interest.

Common Types of Tooth Damage Injuries

Tooth damage makes up any oral injury to your teeth after an accident. Many times, accidents that cause tooth damage are auto accidents. It’s not uncommon for a severe car wreck to result in a broken or damaged tooth. The forceful impact of the collision often causes a victim’s head to fling forward onto the steering wheel, dashboard, or anything else directly in front of them – hitting their mouth and damaging their teeth. Sometimes, the damage is minor, and other times it’s extensive. The following are common types of tooth damage injuries that result in a personal injury case:

  • Tooth fracture – a break or crack in the tooth’s hard shell.
  • Cracked tooth – a crack runs from the tooth’s outer chewing surface down to the root
  • Loss of tooth/teeth – tooth is knocked out completely
  • Split tooth – a crack separates a section of a tooth

Get medical attention from a dentist as soon as possible after your injury to prevent further complications. Tooth damage that’s left untreated can result in abscess growth around your mouth that leads to premature dental decay. Failing to seek treatment can allow bacteria to grow and infection to spread, so seeking out a dentist as soon as possible is vital.

After seeking medical treatment for your tooth damage, speak to a trusted Orlando tooth injury attorney. If you didn’t cause the accident, this conversation could ensure that the costs of treatment will be covered. Each type of tooth injury is a compensative claim that will allow you to recover without the added worry of paying for it all.

What’s the Value of My Tooth Damage Case?

Understanding the case value of your settlement is essential to avoid getting or accepting a minimum offer from the insurance company or defendant that your case is against. When determining the best guess at what a judge or jury might award an injured victim for tooth damage, there are three questions to consider:

1) Where did the injury occur in your mouth?

Tooth damage that’s in the front of your mouth will result in a higher payout than in the back, less-visible areas of your mouth.

2) Can the tooth damage be corrected?

A Judge or jury will consider whether your dentist was able to repair the tooth, or whether you required reconstructive surgery.

3) How much did it cost to repair your damaged tooth?

Surgery and implants will be valued at a higher amount because the costs are higher. In severe cases, treatment can be long-term; if that’s the case, the settlement value is raised to cover ongoing expenses.

These are all critical components to consider when placing value on your injury claim for tooth damage. When you speak with your injured tooth attorney, he or she will be able to talk further about the amount that you can expect for your individual case.

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Treating a damaged tooth injury can become costly and time-consuming. Dentists often charge thousands of dollars for each tooth that they repair. You should never have to sacrifice your smile or financial well-being in light of the high cost for tooth repairs. Whether your tooth damage was the result of an auto accident, fall, or physical altercation – call a trusted Orlando tooth damage lawyer to help.

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