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The State of Florida’s amusement parks are a draw to millions of British and Scottish citizens on holiday every year. While enjoying Florida’s exciting attractions, accidents can occur as a result of a slip, fall or an accident within the theme parks. When a personal injury suit is brought against Florida’s theme parks, they first try to settle it out of court. However, if pursued, theme parks aggressively defend allegations of personal injury claims from individuals, whether U.S. citizens, Britons or Scots. Foreign visitors have the same rights as U.S. naturalized citizens if they are injured while on holiday in Florida. They also have the same rights to make claims for their injuries, by finding an Orlando theme park accident lawyer to assist them.

How to Handle Being Injured as an International Traveler

When an injury occurs to a British or Scottish citizen, they may not know where to turn in Florida for legal representation. Fortunately, there are many cities in Florida with an expert solicitor who has experience in securing successful injury claims for their international clients. They represent clients from all over the United Kingdom, including Scotland. An Orlando theme park injury lawyer understands how distressing an injury can be for international travelers because it took place so far from their homeland. An experienced and trusting solicitor helps to provide the peace of mind needed by Brits and Scots who may not understand Florida’s personal injury laws.

An international traveler should take certain steps after an injury has occurred to assist them with a more successful outcome. After an injury, travelers on holiday in Florida’s amusement parks should contact the park’s officials, local law officials and seek medical care immediately. If at all possible, make a notation by writing down the names of all witnesses and medical responders. Include the date, time and the details of events that led up to and included the injury. Also, quickly find a solicitor who specializes in assisting international visitors. When a central Florida lawyer is contacted after an injury, they will diligently work with foreign travelers to attempt to alleviate their financial pain.

Speak with an Orlando Theme Park Accident Attorney

If a statement is needed by the courts, but the foreign vacationer had to return to their country, a premises liability solicitor can get the courts to accept a detailed sworn statement. Adding a physicians report will help to support their personal injury claim. However, if their presence is needed in court, then their Orlando theme park injury attorney will work closely with you on your case. Florida’s statewide laws can provide Brits and Scots similar compensation as US citizens. The compensation will include loss wages, diminished capacity to earn money, money to recover from pain and trauma, as well as any other damages deemed necessary.

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