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Arm fractures are often the result of car accidents and slip-and-falls. Many times, victims in a car accident will brace themselves for the impact by sticking their arm out, which often leads to arm fractures. If you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for the medical treatments and lost wages in the aftermath because of your accident injuries. You have the right to seek compensation for any setbacks you face, and a skilled Orlando fractured arm lawyer can help you with your case.

It’s only natural to wonder what a settlement for compensation would look like after being in an accident that caused your fractured arm. The following details what average agreements consider for a broken arm, and how likely the success of your case will be.

The lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are experienced in personal injury law and have extensive trial experience fighting for their clients. If you’ve been hurt in Central Florida, call on Umansky and his team to get a reasonable estimate for your broken arm claim. They will explain any advantages or disadvantages surrounding your case, so you know exactly what to expect in a civil suit for compensation.

Medical Documentation is Key in a Fractured Bone Settlement

After being involved in an accident that leads to a broken arm, you must seek medical attention right away. A fractured arm must be set back in place as soon as possible to heal correctly. Most arm fractures affect the long bone in your upper arm between your shoulder and your elbow joint called the humerus. Surgery for humerus fractures often utilizes screws, plates, and pins to set your shoulder back in place. A humerus fracture might also require shoulder surgery, as it’s one of the three bones that make up the shoulder.

Visiting a hospital or doctor’s office as soon as possible undoubtedly helps your injury settlement. This medical documentation is indisputable evidence that will aid your attorney in negotiating the most favorable outcome in your injury case for compensation. When you seek medical help after being in an accident that led to a fractured arm, a radiologist will take x-ray images to determine the severity of your arm fracture. Unlike many tissue injuries that can be difficult to prove, the validity of your broken bone injuries can’t be argued on x-ray images. That will undoubtedly improve negotiations for your injury claim.

Estimating Compensation for a Fractured Arm

It’s difficult to estimate the compensation that you’ll receive as the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. If a settlement can’t be reached, a judge or jury will decide on the damages that you’ll be awarded.

Damages that are objective and well documented, like lost wages and medical expenses, are easier to anticipate when estimating compensation for a fractured arm. Having detailed documentation of your injuries and how the accident occurred will demonstrate the losses that you’ve received because of the accident. An educated guess can foresee compensation for more personal and less concrete damages by an experienced personal injury attorney who has examined the facts surrounding your case. A prediction is often based on precedent cases, but no two injury cases are alike. The defense attorney or the insurance company that your settlement is against will have methods of calculating pain and suffering. Still, in most cases, this figure is just a starting point for negotiations.

The level of difficulty that your fractured bone injury holds on your quality of life will be analyzed when determining damages for pain and suffering. If, for example, you’re accustomed to an active lifestyle that your injuries are preventing you from maintaining – then compensation for “loss of quality of life” will usually be higher in the eyes of a judge or jury.

Probability of the Defendant Being Legally Responsible

When placing value on your settlement for a fractured arm, the other party must be found liable for causing the accident to receive compensation. If you have little evidence proving that the defendant party was responsible for the accident that caused a broken bone, your case could get dismissed if brought to trial. The defendant will offer very little in compensation during pretrial negotiations. That’s why having medical records, police reports, and careful documentation of the events surrounding your accident are so important in a personal injury suit for compensation.

Examples of Fractured Arm Verdicts in Orlando

The details and facts surrounding your case will determine the outcome of your injury settlement. Each case is unique, so it’s essential to understand that examples of past verdicts that seem like your circumstance might turn out vastly different. Consulting with your personal injury attorney will shed light on what you can expect in a settlement or a verdict. For a starting point of reference, jury verdicts in Florida for fractured arm cases in the past have resulted in $115,000-$215,000 in damages for multiple broken bones. Judgments in the millions are typically awarded to victims who require surgery for multiple fractures and injuries.

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