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If the negligent actions of another left you with a broken or fractured toe, it’s likely you can be owed compensation for your injury. While toes are some of the smallest body parts, they’re certainly not the least important. Toes affect your ability to stay balanced, and a fractured toe can prevent you from being able to walk in a normal manner. The following defines what the average personal injury settlement for a broken toe will be.

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Types of Broken Toe Injuries

If something heavy falls on your foot, you can quickly end up with a broken toe. A broken toe can also result from a heavy object rolling over your feet (like a tire), or forcibly stubbing your toe. Symptoms of a fracture include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Stiffness
  • and deformity.

Your toes make up 14 of 26 bones in your foot, and your big toe plays an even more prominent role in how you walk, stand, and stay upright. A severe injury can also prevent you from walking and keep you bedridden for an extended time. Common toe injuries include the following:

  • Fractured toe bones
  • Toe joint dislocations
  • Toe joint sprains

Complications can arise immediately after your injury — within minutes, or sometimes months later. Possible complications include a compound fracture, toenail injury, infection, deformity, or arthritis.

Treatments for a Broken Toe in Orlando

If you suspect that your toe is broken, don’t wait to see a doctor. Waiting can further complicate your injury and hinder your subsequent personal injury settlement. A doctor will diagnose your toe injury using results from an X-rays to determine the necessary treatment.

A variety of different treatment options can be used to heal a fractured toe. Conventional treatments include:

  • Taping your toes
  • Prescribing special shoes
  • Medication
  • Resting

Depending on the severity of your broken toe, surgery (or a cast) might be required for a compound fracture. Fractures can involve the joint in your toe, or multiple fractures at once. If your broken toe is rotated or displaced with both ends of your toe out of place, a foot doctor might have to reduce your toe to set the fractured toes back into place – a procedure that can require general anesthesia. Then, a splint is often applied to keep the bones in place during the healing process.

Typically, it takes six weeks for a broken toe injury to heal. The pain is often intense in the beginning but starts to fade in the weeks that follow. You’ll have to avoid strenuous activities for the first couple of weeks after your injury. If you’re wearing a walking cast, you should be able to walk – but do so carefully. Always follow the doctor’s exact instructions to avoid prolonging the healing time.

Settlement Compensation for a Broken Toe Injury

Like many personal injury claims, the more severe your injuries are, the higher your settlement value will be. That’s because significant injuries generally involve higher lost wages, medical costs, and more pain and suffering than minor ones do. An impairment that requires a week of hot and cold therapy while keeping off your feet will be valued at a much lower figure than an injury requiring surgery. No two cases are the same, and each injury suit is different. Because of that, it can be challenging to determine an average settlement amount. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to assess a realistic figure that you can expect from your injuries after hearing the unique facts surrounding your case.

To maximize the value of your injury settlement, try to preserve any possible evidence from the scene of your accident. If you’re able to, take photos and make notes detailing what happened while the event is fresh in your memory. Most importantly, seek medical care as soon as possible. Waiting days to visit the doctor can significantly damage or diminish the value of a personal injury settlement. After seeing your health, call a professional personal injury attorney to help you with your claim.

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