Teacher Sex Abuse Claims in Orlando

Teacher sex abuse claims in Orlando are a serious issue and one that can be difficult for children to talk about. Any act of sexual abuse can have long-standing consequences for the victim but suffering abuse at the hands of a trusted school teacher can be especially traumatic. When this abuse happens, a civil lawsuit could be an appropriate way to seek justice.

If your child suffered abuse at the hands of a teacher or school employee, a skilled child injury attorney is available to provide legal support and emotional guidance. If abuse occurred when the victim was under the age of 16, there is no time limit for filing a claim. Never assume you do not have the right to be hard. Let an attorney advise you on your legal options.

When Schools Are Negligent in Teacher Sex Abuse Claims

The victims of sexual abuse often have options beyond suing the teacher that abused them. In many cases, the school where the teacher is employed also faces potential liability. An Orlando attorney could advise on when the school itself is responsible for allowing teacher sexual abuse to occur.

Negligent Hiring

Every school has an obligation to carefully vet the people they hire. Teachers and school employees have close access to minor children, and it is vital to prevent individuals with criminal records or a history of violence toward children from working in this environment. When a school negligently hires someone that they should have known was dangerous, that institution could be liable.

Inadequate Security

There are numerous security measures that a school should take when children are present. Many exterior doors should remain locked from the outside, and protocols should be in place regarding who can pick up a child from school. Inadequate security measures that lead to an abuse incident could also serve as the basis for a lawsuit.

Failure to Report

The employees at Orlando schools are mandatory reporters. That means they have mandatory obligation to report to the state if they believe abuse has occurred. The failure to report is not only a criminal offense, it could also lead to civil liability.

Compensation for Teacher Abuse Victims

Many victims of sex abuse focus on the criminal repercussions their abusers could face. However, there are other ways to hold abusers accountable, as well as those who allowed the abuse to take place. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, the victim of sexual abuse could be entitled to financial compensation. In addition to compensating them for their trauma, these damages could also provide justice when a criminal conviction cannot.

The medical expenses related to this abuse often serve as the primary basis for compensation. This is true when it comes to physical injuries suffered due to the misconduct. However, the emotional impact of sex abuse from a teacher in Orlando can last long after any physical injuries fade.

A successful civil suit could provide monetary compensation that covers the cost of psychological therapy, some of whom might require it for many years. Additionally, suffering abuse could have other long-term financial implications. A victim that is unable to maintain steady employment due to the impact of this abuse could potentially recover lost wages.

Talk to an Orlando Attorney About a Teacher Sex Abuse Claim

If you or your child suffered abuse in a school setting, you have the right to hold the teacher accountable through a civil lawsuit. This process is independent of any criminal charges the teacher might face. Talk to a skilled attorney from the Umansky Law Firm about teacher sex abuse claims in Orlando. You should not have to endure the financial costs of this incident that has already taken a psychological toll. We are on your side and will fight for every dollar that you deserve.

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