Clergy Sex Abuse Claims in Orlando

Sexual abuse by members of the clergy is unfortunately way too common – especially against minors. If you are a victim of sex abuse by a member of the clergy, you deserve to seek justice for the trauma you experienced. You have the right to seek out legal counsel that can assist you in holding your abuser accountable in a civil claim.

There can be consequences for clergy sex abuse claims in Orlando. In addition to criminal charges that these acts of abuse can bring, it could also be possible to seek justice through a civil lawsuit for financial compensation, even if the abuse occurred years ago. An experienced child injury attorney could help pursue a civil settlement against an abuser or those that permitted the abuse to happen. No matter what, you do not have to endure this pain or take legal action alone.

The Effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse at the hands of a priest or other clergy member can have numerous effects on a person’s physical or emotional health, especially a child. The fact that this abuse occurred at the hands of a trusted individual can make dealing with abuse especially difficult. Some of the trauma that can come with this type of behavior include:

Physical Injury

Acts of sexual abuse frequently result in physical injury, which could occur across the entire body, with some physical injuries being difficult to detect. In addition to skin lesions, bruises, and broken bones, physical injuries could also include sexually transmitted diseases.

Emotional Trauma

The emotional trauma that comes with sex abuse can last long after a victim’s physical injuries have healed. For many, this trauma is the most difficult part of victimization at the hands of a clergy member. Depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts are not uncommon for those who have survived sexual abuse. This type of harm can be included in a claim for damages.

Long-Term Issues

Not all of the hardships that come with priest sexual abuse in Orlando are immediately obvious. This is especially true for younger victims. It is not uncommon for an act of abuse to have serious emotional consequences that do not manifest right away. Without therapy, a victim could struggle with interpersonal relationships and have emotional struggles for the rest of their life. In addition to emotional trauma, these long-term issues could include financial hardship from being unable to maintain employment.

Compensation for Abuse

The Orlando victims of clergy sex abuse could be entitled to various types of financial compensation. The sources of this compensation could also differ. Many abuse lawsuits target the abuser, but other parties could also face liability as well. If the church failed to take reasonable steps to protect a parishioner from abuse at the hands of the clergy, they could be liable.

The extent of a person’s compensation will depend on their injuries. Victims that have sustained physical injuries could be entitled to compensation based on the cost of their medical care, with damages that could cover past, as well as future, medical treatments.

Additionally, compensation could be available for mental health therapy, which many abuse victim require. The cost of this treatment could serve as the basis for a claim for compensation. Other types of damages could include pain and suffering, lost wages, or other hardships resulting from the abuse.

Contact an Orlando Attorney About Filing a Clergy Sexual Abuse Claim

If you have experienced clergy sexual abuse, the first step toward justice is speaking with an attorney from the Umansky Law Firm. You could be entitled to financial compensation, which could provide for your future medical expenses. If you have questions about clergy sex abuse claims in Orlando, reach out to us as soon as possible.

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