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Colleges and universities are charged with caring for their student bodies as they provide safe communities for learning. As a result, institutions of higher learning (such as UCF, Rollins, Valencia, UF, and others), craft their own codes of conduct to govern their students and to deliver corrective measures.

When you find yourself facing an alleged violation of your college’s code of conduct (or if you are a parent whose child is experiencing this challenge), an Orlando college disciplinary hearing lawyer could help prepare you for the difficult and consequential disciplinary process. Understanding your rights and how a disciplinary hearing takes place could make the difference in how your hearing plays out and could avoid negative consequences for your future. The Umansky Law Firm has college student defense attorneys to assist you and prevent this incident from ruining your academic career.

What to Know About Disciplinary Hearings

A disciplinary hearing is not a legal proceeding before a judge and does not work like a typical criminal trial. Usually, a college’s code of conduct details the procedures for disciplinary hearings and a student’s rights, such as to provide notice of the hearing, the alleged violation, and the role of a legal advisor for the student.

Unlike in the criminal arena, an attorney’s presence is not guaranteed, so a student must pay close attention to how and if an attorney can accompany them throughout the process. An Orlando lawyer can advise a college student on how to present themselves to the administration’s chosen officer or panel running the hearing, and may guide the student through questioning and in responding to the hearing body.

College codes of conduct usually provide an appeal mechanism for a student after a hearing that results in penalties. An attorney knows how to prepare such an appeal for a student after a disciplinary hearing and make sure that any appeal is properly filed with the college.

Code of Conduct Violations Leading to Disciplinary Hearings

Every college has its own student code of conduct that lays out violations of the code and the administration’s procedures for disciplinary hearings. Codes of conduct often prohibit academic misconduct and related actions, such as plagiarism, cheating, disruption of classes and other school activities, and misuse of the institution’s resources.

These codes can also forbid more physical and serious actions that can be charged as crimes. They often address assault and battery, hazing, sexual assault or harassment, and theft, as well as underage drug and alcohol use. On top of a college disciplinary hearing, a code violation could lead to separate criminal charges.

The administration can assess penalties for an accused student based on the alleged violation and the findings from the investigation and hearing. Punishment can range from a written warning or probation, to the suspension or expulsion of the student from the community, depending on each college’s individual code. Having an Orlando lawyer at their side can ensure an accused student understands the possible outcomes of their disciplinary hearing and has someone advocating for them.

Find an Ally for Your College Student Disciplinary Hearing in Orlando

When you have received notice of an alleged violation and an upcoming investigation, an Orlando college disciplinary hearing lawyer could serve as your advisor in this difficult time. We could explain the college’s procedures and have you ready to answer to the accusations.

Our team is well-trained in protecting your rights as defined by the college and working with you to appeal an unfair proceeding or inappropriate penalty. Call us as soon as possible to discuss your case, as the result of a disciplinary hearing can have a substantial impact on your career beyond college.

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