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There are many colleges and universities in Central Florida, making it a popular spot for students. Schools such as the University of Central Florida, Rollins College, and AdventHealth University are just a few examples of students’ higher education choices in the area. Heading to college is an exciting time for students, often the first time they experience total freedom.

Unfortunately, that also means it is relatively common for some to get in trouble. Accusations of plagiarism after using new AI technologies are quickly becoming a common reason students face disciplinary action. Schedule a meeting with a hard-working lawyer skilled in academic plagiarism using AI in Orlando when you need help preparing a defense. Our college student disciplinary advisors know you need an advocate in your corner to clear your name and protect your academic future.

What is AI-Assisted Academic Plagiarism?

Academic plagiarism involves using the work of another without providing the appropriate attributions or credit. While AI technology gathers information from many sources rather than one, schools may still consider it plagiarism if students fail to attribute the work correctly.

Students using the technology to write papers for school and taking credit for it as their own work could face disciplinary action if the higher learning facility determines it was academically dishonest or unethical. While advanced technology can be helpful for research, schools prohibit students from using it to write their work for them. If a faculty member finds out the work was created using Artificial Intelligence – or if they merely suspect it has – you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Student Misconduct Hearings for Plagiarism

State laws require that all educational institutions which receive government funding, including colleges and universities, adopt a code of conduct. The Code must inform the students of rules, regulations, and penalties for failing to comply. The Florida Statutes § 1006.60 regulations state that penalties for plagiarism using AI may include fines, reprimand, community service, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the severity of the charges against you.

While the school disciplinary hearings are different than in the criminal court, you still have the right to due process as provided by the United States Constitution. Plagiarism charges may result from:

  • Using quotes without accreditation
  • Idea summaries
  • Research or data
  • Paraphrasing
  • Citing false sources

AI technology scrapes the original work of others that it finds online. When students submit work created by the technology as their own, they can unintentionally use someone else’s creative work and face discipline for plagiarism. Therefore, you must credit AI technology for all documents, essays, or reports that you submit. Given that this tech is fairly new, many students might not be aware of this yet.

Possible Defense Against the Charges

While AI technology, such as ChatGPT, may differ from traditional plagiarism, schools still consider it unethical because it means students take credit for the work without putting in the necessary effort. Many schools use AI-detection technologies to scan work and give ratings for the likelihood of AI versus human-written text. Unfortunately, the technology is not foolproof, and you might end up facing a misconduct hearing even if you wrote 100% of the paper in question. False-positives are not uncommon.

An Orlando lawyer skilled with AI-aided academic plagiarism could help gather the evidence needed to prove you did not use AI technology to write the assignment for you. That may include the notes, first drafts, or any other documentation you might have which can show you created the document yourself. Depending on school rules, we might be able to help present your case directly.

Call an Orlando Attorney When You Are Accused of Academic Plagiarism Using AI

Plagiarism charges can have countless negative consequences and remain on your permanent record. You can lose the right to participate in school activities, fail the class, or face suspension or expulsion if the school board finds you committed this act. There is no room for error when the stakes are this high.

Therefore, you must take the charges seriously and prepare a sound defense. A diligent defense lawyer, who is experienced with academic plagiarism using AI in Orlando, could help you prepare your rebuttal.

Call us soon to review the accusations against you and prepare for your academic hearing. The Umansky Law Firm believes in second chances, especially for young people. Do not lose out on your future due to a misunderstanding.

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