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People who walk or jog face many hazards when they do it near motor vehicles in Cocoa. Even those who never stray from a sidewalk might suffer severe injuries after a driver’s inattentiveness causes them to leave the road. Others may suffer harm while attempting to use a crosswalk or while in a parking lot. Drivers have an obligation to protect pedestrians in much the same way that they do other drivers. If they are at fault for an incident that results in an injury, it is important to reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney.

A Cocoa pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to help you pursue these payments through either a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company or through a lawsuit in civil court.

Demonstrating Fault for a Pedestrian Crash

It is easy to presume that a driver is to blame for an incident involving a person on foot. After all, a driver is unlikely to suffer a catastrophic injury because of these incidents, and their property damage may be minimal. By contrast, people on foot may suffer life-altering losses in car accident collisions at even low speeds. But if a pedestrian was negligent and shares some blame for what happened, they could lose out on the financial award that they otherwise might have been entitled to.

In many examples, a driver is to blame because of their violation of a rule of the road. As applied to pedestrians, Florida Statute § 316.130 says that drivers must yield to people who are using crosswalks to move across the street. Obtaining proof that a police officer issued a ticket for a violation of this or any other traffic law is powerful evidence of fault for a collision, especially if it resulted in a conviction. A Cocoa pedestrian accident attorney is ready to obtain the information needed to build a solid case against at-fault drivers.

Helping Injured Pedestrians Seek Out Fair Compensation

Proving fault is only one part of a comprehensive pedestrian collision case. It is just as important to be able to show how that event has impacted one’s life and demand appropriate compensation from liable drivers and their insurance companies. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Cocoa is ready to help prove this vital concept.

All pedestrian cases will revolve around the physical injuries that result from these incidents. These typically include broken bones, concussions, and whiplash. A demand for compensation must include payments for all medical care associated with these incidents, such as ER care, an ambulance ride, hospital services, and rehabilitation sessions.

These cases can also demand compensation for a person’s intangible losses that tend to have an immense emotional impact on pedestrians. They may demand compensation for the resulting psychological trauma, flashbacks, or other forms of PTSD. A pedestrian accident lawyer could help someone place a true value on a case and demand all appropriate payments.

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Pedestrian accidents have the potential to change every part of your life. Not only may they inflict harsh physical injuries, but they may also cause you to suffer harsh emotional traumas and lose out on significant income due to your recovery time. It is vital that you act quickly to protect your legal rights following these incidents if you want to collect the full amount of compensation that you need to set things right.

A Cocoa pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to guide your case by collecting evidence, filing necessary paperwork, and negotiating with the opposing party. Speak with The Umansky Law Firm now to learn how we can assist you.

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