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While traveling by public or commercially operated bus is a lot safer than driving or riding in a personal vehicle, that does not mean bus accidents never happen in Cocoa. It could be difficult to file civil suit over a bus accident, especially if the party holding legal liability for your injuries is a local or state government agency like Space Coast Area Transit.

Taking legal action over a bus crash is not something you should try to do without first speaking with a seasoned Cocoa bus accident lawyer. Having a knowledgeable personal injury attorney on your side could be key to getting the most money out of your lawsuit or settlement and navigating efficiently around legal and procedural obstacles.

Who Could Be Liable for a Bus Injury in Cocoa?

As “common carriers,” bus drivers and their employers have a more substantial “duty of care” compared to other people and pedestrians on public roads. In addition to obeying traffic laws and paying attention to their surroundings, bus drivers are also expected to operate their buses in such a way that they do not cause avoidable injuries to passengers outside of traffic collisions. For example, they might accelerate too quickly after a stop and cause a boarding passenger to fall before they find a seat.

There are also many situations where someone other than a bus driver or operating company may hold partial liability for a bus-related injury. For instance, if a bus gets into a collision because its brakes suddenly failed, liability for injuries may lie with a mechanic who failed to service the bus properly or a manufacturer of defective bus components.

Likewise, when a bus passenger gets injured because a negligent driver crashed into an otherwise safely operated bus, that other driver would likely be responsible for losses caused by that injury. A Cocoa bus accident attorney could provide vital help with identifying everyone who was at fault for causing a specific injury and then taking appropriate legal action against them.

Special Rules for Public Bus Accident Claims

Injuries caused by public bus accidents are not immune to civil liability. This means government bodies may be held responsible for an accident. Individual government employees, however, cannot be held personally liable for injuries they cause through automobile accidents of any kind, and strict damage caps limit how much total compensation a plaintiff could obtain from a liable government entity.

There are unique notice requirements for informing a government entity in Florida of intent to file suit against them after an accident. Guidance from a skilled bus injury lawyer in Cocoa could be crucial to understanding and complying with all the special regulations for bus accident claims.

Contact a Cocoa Bus Accident Attorney for Assistance

Bus crashes can be frightening experiences for everyone aboard, especially when they sustain serious injuries as a direct result. Moving past this kind of accident may require you to demand civil compensation for your crash-related losses. Without support from seasoned legal counsel, you may have slim odds of getting a good result from your claim.

Retaining a Cocoa bus accident lawyer could make all the difference in your ability to enforce your rights and obtain the restitution you need. Schedule a meeting by calling today.

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