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Domestic violence can include both physical and verbal abuse perpetrated by one family member against another. If you have been injured as a victim of domestic violence, a personal injury attorney could advise you on what actions need to be taken to safeguard your legal rights.

Even if your abuser has been charged for committing domestic violence, the legal process for a criminal case is very different than a civil personal injury action. Whether your abuser is convicted, acquitted, or has not been charged at all, you can still proceed with a domestic violence injury claim for monetary damages.

A Cocoa domestic violence injury lawyer could help you overcome any legal challenges, vigilantly assert your right to compensation from your abuser, and ensure your just financial recovery for the physical, psychological, and emotional trauma you have endured.

Common Instances of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be a misdemeanor or felony crime depending on the details of the incident. Florida law recognizes domestic violence as a situation where various crimes are perpetrated by one family or household member against an another. A family or household member can include current or former spouses, romantic partners who live together, siblings, parents, grandparents, or grandchildren, as well as roommates.

These crimes that constitute domestic violence can include but are not limited to aggravated assault, battery, aggravating stalking, or kidnapping. Any act by a family or household member against another that results in the victim’s injury or death also constitutes domestic violence.

Some acts of domestic violence may be more nuanced than obvious physical violence. For example, individuals who are being threatened, suffering emotional abuse, are being controlled physically or financially, or receiving death threats from a family or household member may be experiencing domestic violence.

Consequences for an Act of Domestic Violence

Potential consequences can include days to years in jail, financial penalties, and a permanent criminal record for the abuser. While these punishments are steep, these do nothing to nothing to compensate survivors for the wrongdoing and harm that has been perpetuated against them.

A Cocoa attorney who files injury claims for victims of domestic violence can help you recover compensation for your expenses. We are committed to safeguarding your rights and fighting to secure the favorable outcome you deserve.

Legal Options for Domestic Violence Survivors

A domestic violence injury lawyer in Cocoa can work to obtain all evidence that could be used to bolster your claim against your abuser. You should also take care to preserve any evidence you have that could be useful in your case.

Forms of evidence could include threatening calls or texts, prior restraining orders, and photos or videos of injuries. Medical records, 911 call recordings, and witness statements can also prove invaluable in building a domestic violence injury claim.

In addition to helping you address your physical injuries, a seasoned attorney can work with medical professionals and other expert witnesses to ensure that proper valuation of your damages in a civil lawsuit. Financial recovery in a civil lawsuit can include the economic as well as non-economic losses resulting from the ordeal you have faced.

Economic damages could include the value of your medical bills, therapy, lost wages, and even property damage caused by you abuser. Non-economic damages can compensate you for the pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and lost life enjoyment resulting from the perpetrator’s actions.

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While domestic violence is a grave offense that can see perpetrators subjected to years in jail as well as financial penalties, survivors are not compensated even if the prosecutor’s office proceeds with a criminal case, and may have little to no say regarding how that matter proceeds. Understandably, victims are also often afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation and the impact that doing so might have on the rest of the family unit.

A Cocoa domestic violence injury lawyer understands how much is at stake and could help you navigate the sensitive issues that can arise in a civil claim for compensation. We ensure that all of your concerns are thoroughly addressed while cultivating tailored strategies to see that justice is achieved on your behalf.

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