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Every person that travels on local roads has the right to feel safe alongside others. This even extends to people traveling on non-motor vehicles such as bicycles. Florida law requires drivers to protect the well-being of all other people that they encounter. If they cause harm to a bike rider due to an accident, they are responsible for providing all necessary compensation.

Despite this clear obligation to protect bike riders, you will still need to prove that a driver was responsible for the accident. You will also need to work with a skilled personal injury attorney to demonstrate the full extent of your losses and place a dollar value on your experiences. Hiring a Cocoa bicycle accident lawyer to handle your case is the first step in the right direction.

Laws That Protect Bike Riders in Cocoa

Bike riders have the same rights and responsibilities as all other travelers on the road. This means that they must follow speed limits, stop at red lights, and yield when necessary. An injured bike rider has the right to hold a negligent driver responsible for their actions through the payment of compensation.

Specific laws exist to protect the well-being of bike riders. For example, drivers of motor vehicles must pass bike riders with at least four feet of clearance, and must treat them in the same way as they would any other traveler on public roads. Investigating the cause of a collision often reveals that a driver was negligent by failing to follow these rules of the road. When this is the case, a Cocoa bike crash attorney could leverage a conviction in traffic court into a powerful demand for compensation in civil court.

The Common Consequences of Bike Accidents

Bicycle collisions in Cocoa have the potential to impact every part of a rider’s life. Connecting these losses to the actions of a negligent driver is just as important as being able to prove that a driver was at-fault for a collision.

The Physical and Emotional Results of Bike Accidents

Bike collisions can inflict harsh physical injuries, including concussions, severe cuts or road rash, broken bones, and spinal cord damage. A demand for compensation will seek out payments for the costs of all necessary medical care for these injuries.

In addition, the event is likely to inflict emotional trauma on a victim, taking the form of pain, suffering, and a loss of enjoyment of life. Talking with a lawyer could help them to understand the full impact of the event and place an accurate dollar value on a case.

Seeking Full Payments Through Settlements and Lawsuits

The preferable way to obtain compensation following a bike crash is through an insurance settlement. This can bring fair payments to cover medical bills and other losses without the time and effort necessary to bring a case to court. However, a bicycle accident lawyer is ready to file a formal lawsuit if this is necessary to protect the rights of an injured person in Cocoa.

Regardless of a rider’s chosen method to pursue compensation, there is a limited time to act following a crash. Florida Statute § 95.11 states that the victims of accidents must demand payment no later than two years after the date of an incident, which is why it is important to work with a lawyer who could keep track of this deadline.

Talk with a Cocoa Bicycle Accident Attorney to Protect Your Legal Rights

Bike riders can hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions that result in injuries. While this is your right under the law, success is far from certain. A driver may allege that you were to blame for the crash or call the extent of your losses into doubt.

Hiring a Cocoa bike accident lawyer to handle your case could address both of these concerns. This increases the likelihood of obtaining fair compensation through an insurance settlement or court verdict. Contact The Umansky Law Firm now to schedule an appointment.

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