Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 has altered our world like nothing else. War, terrorism, economic struggle, natural disasters, and more have not impacted the world as much as this virus has, and we are not out of it yet. With tens of millions of Americans at home and out of work or working from home, and businesses closing, you might think this is not the right time to spend money hiring a private criminal defense attorney. 

Why Is It Crucial To Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Now?

People are hesitant to spend money unless it’s an essential need. Thousands of people around the country are going with the public defender office. If in past years, public defenders’ offices were overworked and underpaid handling more cases per attorney than could be humanly possible, imagine now. We want to give you ten reasons why today is more critical than ever to hire a reputable law firm, with the appropriate support staff, and an experienced defense attorney to fight for you.

  1. There is nothing more essential than your freedom, your future, and your family. The consequences of not having the right attorney who will fight for you aggressively can be lifelong — with criminal convictions, losing liberty, and having difficulties for employment and housing after a background check.
  2. The public defenders’ offices will not have the resources or time to dedicate to your case, especially now that thousands are flooding to these offices because of the uncertainty of the economy.
  3. Your private criminal defense attorney will have more time to dedicate to your case now, given the fact that many defendants are hesitant to spend money hiring a private law firm. 
  4. With the restrictions placed on the court system by the Florida Supreme Court with no jury trials or jury selection until at least May, there is a chance if your case is weak, then an experienced criminal defense lawyer can make a difference negotiating on your behalf, and in some cases even getting the cases dropped or dismissed.
  5. As Speedy Trial Rights are temporarily suspended, and prosecutors have more free time because they’re not in court, unless it’s an emergency hearing (such as a bond motion), a private criminal lawyer will have more time to present your side of the story to the prosecutor which could result in dismissal or reduction of charges. 
  6. The last place you want to go now is to prison or jail. Hundred or perhaps thousands of inmates and staff members are being tested for Coronavirus. 
  7. At some point in the future, things will return to some level of normalcy. However, if you hire an attorney and they’re proactive on your behalf, you might be able to get your case resolved before the backlog of cases crushes the criminal justice system.
  8. If you hire a law firm early on for your case, you can establish a plan of attack while the prosecutors are not working diligently on their cases because they’re afraid of getting Coronavirus.
  9. The Umansky Law Firm is fully aware of the economic environment because of COVID-19 and is willing to work with potential clients offering discounts, payment plans, and lower down payments. 
  10. Law firms are like small businesses: a small criminal law firm may have economic problems due to the pandemic, and therefore, they lose valuable staff who can work on your case. On the contrary, our law firm is well-staffed, fully operational, and has multiple attorneys who can assist you with your criminal law matter.

Call The Umansky Law Firm for a Strong Criminal Defense

The attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm are passionate about providing Florida citizens a second chance. If you’re facing a criminal charge, whether big or small, that can have disastrous results for your life moving forward. Many of the criminal defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have served as former prosecutors and know the strategies that Florida state and local government utilizes in criminal court. With this knowledge, they develop a robust defense to negotiate terms, lessen charges, and get charges dropped in some cases. 

If you’re facing criminal charges in Central Florida, call the Umansky Law Firm for help. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our criminal attorneys fight aggressively for your freedom. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to answer all of your questions regarding your criminal case or complete our online contact form.

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Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney During the Coronavirus Pandemic?