What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?


Car accidents can happen anywhere vehicles meet the road, but there are hot-spots that are prone to collisions more than others. Due to traffic, construction, or simply their design, certain roads or segments are naturally more dangerous, and knowing where these may lie along your route can help you drive more safely.

Florida is infamous for having some of the country’s most dangerous roadways, and according to the DMV, over 300,000 collisions happen every year, with 200,000+ injuries and 2,000-3,000 deaths on average. Whether you take an alternate route or simply take extra care on these roads, being aware of them can save the lives of you and your loved ones. Here are the most hazardous spots in the State of Florida.


The “Haunted Highway” earned its name from an alleged series of pioneer graves underneath sections of the road. However, it has proved to be a very dangerous road in its own right and has been found to host the highest death rate of any highway in America at 1.41 fatalities per mile over a five year period.

The route connecting Tampa Bay and Daytona Beach is also the busiest highway in the nation, largely due to tourism, and with so much distracted driving it has proved highly dangerous to commuters and travellers.

Florida Turnpike

This stretch of highway connects central Florida to the Atlantic coast, and while it is marketed as the “Less Stressway”, it can still be subject to the crowds of tourists trying to get to the beachfront. Rush hour can bring massive traffic jams, but this one is less of a problem earlier in the morning. Late at night, authorities are promoting “Stay Right at Night” to prevent head-on collisions.

Though it is less dangerous than others on this list, it can still back up near major junctions and cities.


This road is hazardous largely due to its lack of barriers separating flows of traffic, and head-on collisions are more common here as a result. The “Stay Right at Night” mentality should be applied here as well. Especially on banking curves, distracted driving can be deadly, sending cars straight into incoming traffic if their eyes aren’t on the road.


Another Floridian highway that has held the title of most dangerous road in America. This one has a staggeringly high fatal crash rate, or deaths per collision. A Geotab report showed that from 2008-2018, there were 1,011 crashes on I-1 with 1,079 deaths. Compared to statewide data that shows a fatal crash rate of below 1%, this 1:1 ratio is a very good reason to stay vigilant when taking this road.


This corridor stretches the length of the East Coast and can have over 300,000 vehicles daily. With such a large span, the level of hazard varies greatly; however, the stretch between Miami-Dade and Broward has 1.73 fatal accidents per mile, even higher than that of I-4’s rate.

Such high-traffic areas warrant extra caution, especially because of the increased presence of drivers distracted by their phones, navigational devices, and maps.

Staying Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic made roads even more dangerous, according to NPR. Even when traffic was reduced due to lockdowns, accidents went up. Now, as distracted driving is on the rise due to phone use and infrastructure problems and construction further complicate highway driving, it is more important than ever to take measures to stay safe on the roads.

  • Buckle up! It saves thousands of lives every year.
  • Put down your phone.
  • Use audio navigation apps instead of looking at a screen.
  • Anticipate traffic and congested areas.
  • Pay attention to the disposition of drivers around you.
  • Avoid reckless or drunk drivers.

These steps can go a long way to protecting yourself and your family on the roads, and it’s important to make safety your highest priority while driving.

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What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?