Tips For Preventing Home Burglary

Tips For Preventing Home Burglary

Tips For Preventing Home Burglary

According to crime statistics, the most violent crime for residents in Central Florida are victims of residential burglary. Compared to Orlando having 24 murders, police have investigated over 3,000 home burglaries in 2012 alone. Police still receive and respond to approximately 7 calls a day for home burglaries. For residents who want to make their home undesirable and want to become proactive against potential criminals, a free home-survey service through law-enforcement agencies are available.

In 2011, Orange County had reported over 14,500 burglaries to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The state’s crime statistics, reports over 170,000 burglaries statewide, in that same year. Many of the burglaries happened at Orlando homes in the College and Delaney Park neighborhoods with eight men arrested and charged for them, in March. A Mercedes was stolen out of the garage from a home in College Park. And at another home at Delaney Park, a suspect made off with $4,000 in property after breaking out a glass patio door.

Targeting homes in Orlando and Orange County, burglars would break in during the day time and was believed to be part of a theft ring. OPD Cpl. Kevlon Kirkpatrick, says the desire, ability, and the opportunity to commit the crime are the only three parts on a criminals mind. But there are many ways for a home owner to slow down a would-be criminal.

Outside your home:
– Landscaping- such as a thorny plant under a window. Makes a burglar think.
– Make sure neighbors and witnesses have a clear visible view of your home
– Keep windows locked and reinforce sliding-glass doors and car garage entries.
– Eliminate dark areas-put in well, lit proper lighting

Inside your home:

According to Kirkpatrick, The wooden door frame is the weakest point of almost every home. An average person can enter a home by putting enough pressure on it until it eventually weakens, and makes easy access.

Install a strike plate- reinforces the lock and will cost less than replacing the frame.
Turn blinds upwards to limit burglars view.
Put in a peephole that has a 180-degree view.

Local law-enforcement agencies will usually provide free home surveys for crime prevention concerns.

Tips For Preventing Home Burglary