Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Every year, Floridians look forward to a long summer day filled with American history and celebration of their personal freedom on the Fourth of July. As one of the most recognized party days of the year, cities spare no expense when planning parades, fireworks, and local community events for their residents. This means that many indulge in barbecues, family get-togethers, and drinking plenty of alcohol.

Just like Memorial and Labor Day holidays, our love of Independence Day has created a drinking holiday where many drunk driving crashes occur throughout Florida’s highways and streets. One can expect that law enforcement will kick into high gear and remind the public for weeks in advance about the dangers of drinking under the influence and the consequences of DUI if caught intoxicated behind the wheel.

Florida Highway Patrol Steps Up Sobriety Efforts

Every Fourth of July, Florida Highway Patrol will be out patrolling the streets and byways of The Sunshine State. Efforts usually begin the weekend prior to the actual holiday to act as a preventative reminder that they’re on the road and watching for drunk drivers and other traffic violations, including:

  • No seat belt
  • Unrestrained children
  • Aggressiveness
  • Speeding
  • Drug trafficking

The National Safety Council estimates that up to 565 people will lose their lives nationwide in alcohol-related crashes during the 4th of July holiday. That makes this holiday the deadliest for these types of traffic accidents every year.  

Tips for Responsible Drinking on Independence Day

Drunk driving is a national problem that law enforcement and government agencies everywhere try to help prevent. For those of us who plan to enjoy our Fourth of July imbibing and making fond memories with our family and friends, follow these tips to avoid financial or life-changing tragedy over this holiday:

  • Have a plan before you go out to your planned event that has alcohol available
  • Designate a driver and give them your keys before every going to your celebration. Also, make sure they stay sober and don’t drink.
  • Look out for those around you. If you have friends who appear impaired, don’t let them drive. Call an Uber, Lyft, cab, or have another sober party takes them home. 
  • If you’re at a celebration and intoxicated without a designated driver with you, do not get behind the wheel. Call a cab, rideshare service, or trusted family member to come and pick you up. 

Since the Fourth is one of the most significant holiday celebrations of the year, take the time to plan ahead before heading out to party. It’s nearly impossible to get away with driving drunk because of the additional DUI checkpoints and patrolmen on Florida roads.

Getting charged for driving under the influence, or worse, causing an alcohol-related accident, will have lifelong consequences which affect more than just the offender. The Fourth of July is one of the biggest, most important celebrations of the year – you should have fun! Just make sure you prepare, and you don’t end up with a DUI arrest, or worse, in a DUI crash. Remember, DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols will be in full force, so the police will probably see you before you see them!

Hire a Reputable DUI Attorney if You Get Busted

Remember that if you or a family member gets pulled over under suspicion of drunken driving, you will likely have to perform a field sobriety test or blow into a breathalyzer. Not all field testing is scientific nor sanctioned by the National Highway and Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA), and this can make a difference in your case. It’s critical you retain a criminal defense attorney familiar with these methods of testing for impairment to build a defense that will minimize the negative impact of a conviction. 

At the Umansky Law Firm, we defend thousands of Floridians every year against DUI charges involving illegal stops, unlawful search and seizure, and illegitimate field sobriety assessments. As former prosecutors, we also are extremely familiar with the breath testing devices currently employed by law enforcement and the standards and training necessary for using that equipment. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our recognition as some of Florida Trend’s Elite Lawyers in 2018 demonstrates our dedication to fighting these types of charges aggressively. 

Contact our seasoned legal team online or if you or someone you know receives a DUI-related charge this 4th of July.

Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI