The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques

The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques

Drugs that make their way into the United States follow the simple rule of supply and demand, being that no matter how many resources you use to stop the supply, drug traffickers always find a way to meet the demand. Last year the US seized almost 2.5 million pounds of marijuana and almost four thousand pounds of cocaine along the Mexican border. However, as the government pursues new measures to strengthen the border by ramping up narcotics programs and enforcing strict drug trafficking laws, smugglers are only getting bolder in their tactics. Here are some of the craziest ways that have been used to smuggle drugs into the country in the last few years.

Catapult/Cannons – Smugglers in Mexico have recently been seen using catapults, slingshots and cannons to shoot marijuana and other drugs over the border. With the ability to shoot projectiles that weigh as much as 12 kilograms, this has become a very cost effective method. It’s reported that authorities were able to catch on to this tactic after randomly stumbling upon projectiles during routine sweeps of the border.

Ramps – Most people are aware of underground drug smuggling tunnels, but narcotics traffickers decided it would much cheaper to go over the border rather than under. However, this has not seemed to work out very well. In 2012, Border Patrol agents found a Jeep Grand teetering on top of the border fence.

Vehicle Cloning – A popular method that’s had its fair share of success involves drug traffickers replicating official vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, or even border patrol vehicles. The work is extremely detailed down to every last decal, looking so official that they are able to drive right across the border with little to no problem at all.

Submarines – One of the most technologically advanced methods has gained a lot of ground in recent years and made it even more challenging for law enforcement to stop the flow of illegal narcotics into the country. Drug traffickers are now creating submersibles that are able to carry large loads of narcotics. Despite being homemade, these require an entire crew to run and come equipped with periscope and cameras. In 2009, it was estimated that 70% of cocaine from Columbia was leaving through these submersible vessels.

Drones – Reports from Canada have surfaced, claiming drugs have been smuggled into local prisons by using drones to fly over prison walls or fences. Most of these are cheap aerial drones that have been purchased online for less than $200.

The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques