Should the State of FL Eliminate Cash Bail?

Should the State of FL Eliminate Cash Bail?

Should the State of FL Eliminate Cash Bail?

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The debate continues to rage about police reform, criminal justice amelioration, and a number of other hot topics that face the public as it relates to law and order. One of the most polarizing and hottest topics is the cash bail bond system. Most Americans have never had to experience first-hand what it’s like to be processed into jail, which is often an arduous process.

Jail is a holding facility for those awaiting trial. There is a straightforward process that allows someone who has been arrested to bail themselves out of jail. Because many individuals who are arrested are typically impoverished, it means they often cannot bail themselves out of jail, which relegates them to remaining in jail indefinitely. In the state of Florida, the cash bail bond system still exists, but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are looking to possibly revamp the system.

Examples of Bail Reform

While Florida continues to debate the issue, the state of California remains the model state for other locales looking to scrap cash bail. California fought for over four decades to phase out the cash bail system, and among the primary catalysts for the change were the numerous issues that opponents of cash bail in Florida cite.

The argument is that many of the offenders who are indefinitely detained in jail are guilty of low risk or non-violent crimes, therefore keeping those who cannot afford cash bail indefinitely detained. Even if they can bail out, oftentimes, the detained must pay at least 10-percent of the cost to a bail bondsman, further increasing the cost.

Although California was successful in eliminating bail, even those in favor of reforming the criminal justice system aren’t entirely sure that cash bail reform alone is enough to solve the issues with class disparities and criminal justice, and some actually think it merely intensifies existing issues.

Issues With Eliminating Cash Bail

Some opponents of cash bail claim that getting rid of cash bail actually makes the issue of inequality even worse. They point to the following issues:

  • Puts pretrial release in hands of algorithms and assessments
  • Takes control out of accused offender’s hands
  • Doesn’t improve system, merely replaces it for a different one
  • Too early to tell if it will solve problems

It remains to be seen what will happen to cash bail in Florida, but either way, if you’re accused of a crime, you need a Florida criminal defense attorney.

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Should the State of FL Eliminate Cash Bail?