Prosecution Rests in George Zimmerman Trial

Prosecution Rests in George Zimmerman Trial

Prosecution Rests in George Zimmerman Trial


On Friday July 5, the racially charged trial of George Zimmerman came to the end of the third week. This was a week of drama and conflicting testimonies that the six-woman jury must evaluate.

The Controversial 911 Tape

The 911 tape from the night of Trayvon Martin’s death was played over nine times during the week. Gladys Zimmerman and Sybrina Fulton both identified the screams on the tape as coming from their own son, and everyone knows that is impossible. Trayvon’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton, made the most honest statement last year when he said he wasn’t sure if the voice belonged to Trayvon or not. This year he said it was his brother.

As the week wore on, there was more confusion. It appears that the witnesses, and there were more, are each certain who they heard. Jose Mesa testified positively that the screams were George Zimmerman’s, but who can say if the jury will even use these testimonies.

The Autopsy Report

The 911 screams were not the only evidence causing controversy. The defense attorney questioned the doctor who performed the autopsy on Martin, and he has changed his opinion from the time of the Martin’s death.

Medical Examiner Bao admitted that he has changed two opinions on evidence concerning Martin’s death. In the courtroom, without the jury present, he stated that he now believes that Martin could have only lived about one to three minutes with a gunshot through his chest. Last year, he stated one to ten minutes. Bao also reported that the marijuana that was detected in Martin’s body could have affected him mentally and physically. Judge Nelson has denied this evidence to come into admission.


The prosecution rested at the end of the day Friday after they had called 38 witnesses. The defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, made a move to acquit, arguing that the prosecution had brought insufficient evidence. Judge Nelson quickly refused the acquittal saying enough evidence had been presented. Prosecutor Richard Mantei made the statement concerning the motion to acquit, “There are two people involved here. One of them is dead, and one of them is a liar.”

Prosecution Rests in George Zimmerman Trial