Osceola County, Florida: Police Sex Sting

Osceola County, Florida: Police Sex Sting

Osceola County, Florida: Police Sex Sting

Florida police have arrested over 30 people, including a local head swim coach, a professional golfer and an eighth grade teacher in an Osceola county sex sting that involved internet chat rooms.

The local sheriff’s department has wrapped up their Operation Red Cheeks which was a week-long operation that consisted of a number of local agencies. 40 suspects were arrested during the sting and charged with sex and other crimes related to soliciting sex from a minor over the internet.

This sting was held during the second week of January, and there were numerous business professionals as well as local college students who were arrested.

Detectives from the central Florida area impersonated juveniles or their parent and met people in chat rooms or other online messaging services.

Those who were arrested went to meet the minor at locations around Osceola County with the intent of having sex with the child. Suspects brought drugs, alcohol and other illegal items with them to the meeting sheriff’s deputies said.

Some suspects hailed from as far away as Alaska, and one even traveled from Georgia, but the majority of those arrested were from the central Florida area.

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Osceola County, Florida: Police Sex Sting