Orlando Police Department Rejects Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tool

Orlando Police Department Rejects Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tool

Orlando Police Department Rejects Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tool

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On the heels of Amazon Prime Day 2019, which recorded more than 175 million orders from online customers, it’s safe to claim the world loves Amazon. However, the internet and technology tycoon recently launched a pilot program for a facial recognition system that’s sparked plenty of controversy. 

Rekognition, the facial recognition program developed by Amazon, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify individuals by analyzing key features of people’s faces or photographs with previously stored information. Although the concept sounds intriguing and generally beneficial, major concerns about the use of the software have been raised by civil rights groups and public officials. Primary concerns include the possibility that the technology could contribute to racial profiling, bias policing, and unlawful surveillance.

Why the Orlando PD Said “No”

Across the country, Rekognition has been piloted by a number of police departments. In July, however, the Orlando Police Department officially declined the opportunity to use the program for a second time. The department stated they decided not to use Rekognition because they lack the time or resources needed to operate the program. However, it’s not clear if the decision to drop the system a second time was influenced by ongoing public criticism of the program. 

The Reason Behind the Concerns About Facial Recognition

To many, concerns about Rekognition and its advanced facial recognition technology amounts to more than just a sense of unease about being secretly watched. There have been warnings that AI recognition programs are an invasion of privacy, providing an opportunity for the government and large corporations to gather personal information they have no right to access. In fact, in an effort to protect the residents of their city, some municipalities have even banned the software from being used.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Help the Falsely Accused

One primary concern about facial recognition software is it will falsely match a criminal with an innocent individual, or lead to racial profiling due to its inability to deliver accurate identifications.  

Being falsely accused of a crime, whether it was due to malfunctioning facial recognition software or something else, is an experience no one should have to live through. If you’ve been falsely accused and are trying to prove your innocence, it’s important to know there’s somewhere you can turn for help

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Orlando Police Department Rejects Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tool