Orlando Is the Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians (Again)

Orlando Is the Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians (Again)

Orlando Is the Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians (Again)


According to Smart Growth America, Orlando is once again the most dangerous city for pedestrians in the United States. Nine of the 20 most hazardous cities for pedestrians are in Florida, with Miami ranking the lowest at number 13. The report comes from a decade’s worth of research and statistics from 2010–2019. 2019 was the last full year of available data.

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How Is Pedestrian Safety Measured?

Officials measure pedestrian safety through the pedestrian danger index (PDI). The number of deaths is just one part of determining a location’s PDI. Statisticians also use how many people live in the city and estimate the number of people who walk to work when determining how safe a city is for walkers.

Florida has an index of 201.4, with more than 5,800 fatalities between 2010 and 2019. Orlando specifically has a score of 295, seeing 740 pedestrian deaths in that time frame. That’s three fatalities per 100,000 people.

What Makes Florida Walkways So Dangerous?

Essentially, it comes down to a design flaw. When engineers and architects first constructed Florida cities, they developed them with passenger vehicles, trucks, and rapid transportation in mind, not walkers. Wider roads, confusing traffic patterns, and weird light systems combined with poorly designed foot trails and bike paths lead to many accidents.

Orlando in particular was designed specifically for the convenience of road travel. We also have no reliable or affordable mass public transportation, such as a subway or train system similar to New York or Chicago.

How Can Pedestrians Stay Safe When Walking in Orlando?

There are many steps you can take to avoid someone hitting you while walking in Central Florida. While it may seem obvious, always walk on the sidewalk. This will significantly reduce your chances of being hit by a car, bus, or motorcycle. If there is not a sidewalk, try finding an alternative route.

Another way to reduce the likelihood of being struck is to cross the street only in designated areas. Most crosswalks will have a light telling you when it’s safe to go. Follow all signs and signals. You should yield the right of way to vehicles. Even when the light tells you to proceed, double-check to ensure there’s no oncoming traffic. If you must cross in a non-marked section, do not enter the street between two parked cars. Oncoming traffic will not be able to see you or stop in time.

When walking before sunrise or after sunset, make sure you’re visible. This includes wearing reflective clothing or tape strips on your shirt, pants, and shoes. You should also carry a flashlight whenever walking at night.

Remember that you must take all reasonable precautions to avoid a collision. Many walkers listen to music or a podcast, but this limits your hearing. It might be boring not listening to music, but you will be able to hear traffic. Additionally, do not constantly look down at your phone. It’s a distraction and can prevent you from seeing incoming cars.

Central Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Orlando continues to top the list of most hazardous cities for pedestrians, so you must be extremely cautious when crossing the roads. If you were in a collision, call Attorney William Umansky and his team.

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Orlando Is the Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians (Again)