Man faces theft charges for allegedly stealing baby clothes

Man faces theft charges for allegedly stealing baby clothes

Criminal charges, such as theft and fraud, are known as crimes of dishonesty, and just the accusation can color a person’s reputation for life. Allegations can adversely affect an Orlando, Florida, resident’s current employment status and ability to acquire future employment as well. A conviction will make it even more difficult for a person to salvage his to her reputation and professional life.

In Winter Haven, a 31-year-old man was recently charged with retail theft. Based on reports, the man was caught by Wal-Mart surveillance cameras stuffing a tote bag with baby clothes. The man left the store and store detectives stopped the man’s car in the parking lot. Police arrived and charged him with a felony instead of a misdemeanor. According to deputies, the charges were upgraded to a felony because of two previous theft convictions.

The accused was also linked by investigators to several other previous incidences of theft, which lead to additional charges relating to a stolen purse and use of a stolen credit card.

It was also revealed that the man had criminal histories in three states, including Florida. He was previously arrested for theft, burglary and narcotics. From 2010, this repeat offender spent three years in a state prison and was being detained in a Polk County jail.

Besides public humiliation and loss of reputation, a theft conviction can also lead to loss of a resident’s driver’s license, loss of college scholarship, an expensive fine and possible time in jail. Orlando residents charged with a crime and who want to avoid such serious consequences need a strong defense to clear their name.

Source: My Fox Tampa Bay, “Career criminal charged with retail theft,” March 30, 2014

Man faces theft charges for allegedly stealing baby clothes