How to Proactively Support Your Child if They Are Arrested

How to Proactively Support Your Child if They Are Arrested

As a parent, you may worry about your children constantly. When a situation occurs where your child is in trouble, the last thing you want to do is cause more harm or do something that will make the situation worse. In this way, having the information (and sharing the information with your child) on what to do when your child is arrested before it ever occurs can alleviate stress and challenges in the event that this terrible situation occurs.

Remain Calm, Cool, and Collected

It is natural to assume the innocence of your child, and while it may be your first instinct to relentlessly defend them, you must remain calm and set a positive example. Despite the circumstances, you both must remain respectful and cooperative with the police to lay the groundwork for a favorable outcome. However, being cooperative does not mean that your child must answer law enforcement’s questions alone.

Know the Rights of a Minor

Whether or not the crime has been committed, it is paramount to contact a juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible. Juvenile rights are different from that of adults and they vary depending on the state, so it is important to know the differences. Some states require parental consent before a child is questioned, but not everywhere. In Florida, for example, parental consent is not required before the questioning of a child, so it is critical that your child understand their right to an attorney and that they feel comfortable asking for one. This step is essential so that their rights are protected and they do not accidently get themselves into legal jeopardy. You do not need to serve as counsel for your child when you do not have that knowledge.

Store the Contact Information of an Experienced Attorney in Your Phone

You want an attorney who could fiercely and strategically defend your child if they were charged with a crime. If you find an attorney whom you can trust, then you can let that professional handle the legal case while you focus on the wellbeing of your child. At The Umansky Law Firm, we have skilled criminal defense attorneys who have previously worked as prosecutors. This has prepared us to understand how to defend our clients and set them up for success. Give us a call so we can get started on your case.

How to Proactively Support Your Child if They Are Arrested